Life is Funny

My friend Wendy is funny. What's even more awesome is she has a funny life. And she shares her funny with us. It's awesome! When she does, she has a Life is Funny carnival on her blog. I never participate. It's a combo of ADD tendencies that cause me to forget my funny moments and therefore not post them and being so sick of the computer when I get home, I don't want to get on it again until work the next day, then I forget, repeat vicious circle ad naseaum...

But check it out! Something funny happended AND I'm blogging about it. Yay!

My hubs and I help coach a 10 and under girls softball team. One of the umps we deal with is a real stickler for safety (which we're grateful for). When he calls our games, I know that we have hard and fast (TWSS!) rules we need to stick to. So Saturday, our girls are playing and Mr. Safety is ump-ing. I turn to the girls in the dugout waiting to bat and say "Hey girls, back up behind the fence or Jonathan (the ump) is gonna fuss at you". Our third basemen hears "Jonathan is gonna cuss at you" and starts telling the others to back it up before Jonathan begins spouting some potty mouth. Now they all look terrified. They back up behind the dugout fence and sit still and quiet as little church mice. When I later realize what the deal was, I'm laughing because of the oh-so-serious debates going on in the dugout about what exactly Jonathan might run over and yell at them.

Come back tomorrow when I participate in a different kind of blog carnival. Yeah, I'm a real Renaissance Woman

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Wendy said...

First of all, love the new blog layout! Very cute.

And hey, way to put some fear into them. Who knew that the threat of cussing could keep 'em in line like that? Think it would work for a boys team? Yeah, me neither.

Helen said...

I agree with Wendy. The new blog layout is cute.
That is funny. Cuss words from people who never cuss are much scarier than they are from people who use them every other sentence, though. I imagine they never heard the ump say anything worse than "You're Out!" and were just shocked that he even knew how...