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So, this will be abbreviated because I stayed home and played mommy for a lot of this week. But it was a fun Twitter-time all the same. And before I get to the snark, big props to my buddy Billy for his book deal. I'm so proud of you Billy and I can't wait for Snow Day!!!

Without further ado:

katdish @marni71 OMGoogle. Your email cracked me up.

OMGoogle! I cracked @katdish up! Take me now Lord, I've peaked and wanna go out on top (TWSS!)

Dear people who throw their gum on the ground: Jesus loves you! Me? Not so much...

br8kthru @marni71 your pain is my pain. But hey, if there were no stupid people how would smart people feel superior? It's the circle of life... :)

@br8kthru Hakuna Matata Jason...

br8kthru @marni71 I can feel the love tonight...

@br8kthru Me too. And I just can't wait to be king...

From me, to you...a very special FOTTSP post.

My nine year old and I are totally rockin out to "Barracuda" on Guitar Hero. Homework is just gonna have to wait!

@weightwhat Did someone say Princess Bride??? I have wuv, twue wuv for that movie!

weightwhat @marni71 As you should! And remember, never get involved with a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!

@weightwhat You killed my father...prepare to die!

@billycoffey Yeah, I'm like a ninja sometimes. Totally quick and hard to see. That's how I roll.

RT @jasonboyett: A bird in the hand is...well, not something you see everyday. Because how did it get there? Is it safe? So many questions.

A UPS truck just tried to kill me while I was on the highway. "What can Brown do for me?" Not swerving into my lane is a good start.

@br8kthru That's happened to us. I'm our webmaster. When I saw that, I just started updating my resume rather than deal with why ;-)

Swine flu, Tamiflu and hoo! A new post is up.

Just listened to one of @br8kthru's songs on his blog. Whoa...he's awesome!!!

@br8kthru You're welcome! I'm listening to more right now as I play "make up work". It's helping me not want to open a vein

@PuriChristos You can't throw "ignore this" stuff at women and expect us to listen. That's like throwing chocolate into a crowd of PMS'ers.

@PuriChristos @redclaydiaries See Nick...I think I just made my point. Sorry Steph, I was a false alarm. Breathe slowly...

@PuriChristos What language are you speaking? Is that techie-geek because I don't understand it. Can you do subtitles maybe?

Ding dong the swine flu's dead...yay!!!

RT @MarketerMikeE: RT @LuvStomp: Chronically complaining about the Church is not Christ focused either.

So @katdish is dealing with an injury and a dead vacuum, and @sarahmsalter and @br8kthru are making stapler/ninja stars. Am I all caught up?

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Wendy said...

More proof that I need to spend more time on Twitter: I only remember about half of your tweets.

No more rhyming now, I mean it!

Anybody want a peanut?