Things I Love...Things That Break My Heart, Part 2

Oh my, oh my, do I LOVE me some Kirk Franklin. He 's from the area I live in. One day I'm going to bump into him at some restaurant or book store and freak out when I see him. I hope I don't scare him too badly, but I digress...

These are some of my favorties of his, and when he collaborates with TobyMac, I can hardly contain myself. As you watch Revolution you have to promise me you'll be dancing in your chair :) And the song cuts off before it should because this isn't an official video, but Kirk shouts out to his saints in Chicago, Houston and Dallas to name a few, so Helen and Kat, whoo whoo to you my sistas. I'll take the whoo whoo for the Dallas saints!! The second one is just a fun video, not the real one (duh!). I love it because it has the words and the adorable Happy Feet penguins :)

Incidentally, these two songs are good for at least another mile on the treadmill if you put them on your iPod ;)


North Korea has apparently successfully launched a long-range rocket. This is a scary thought seeing that North Korea festers a hatred for most of the rest of the world, including it's sister, South Korea. Nothing good will come of this if North Korea is allowed to continue this behavior. Join me in praying for the wisdom and action of our leaders to protect us...

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katdish said...

As both videos are awesome by themselves, you would think that playing them at the same time would be doubley awesome.

And you would be wrong...

We are living in some very scary times, indeed. This only makes our task at hand more urgent. One more. Always there is one more.

wv: apsyokin - the process of verifying that the apps on your ipod touch are equally yoked.