Things I Love...Things That Break My Heart, Part 1

I love, love this Newsboys song. I'm in an "old school" phase with my worship music right now and found this song on an old CD yesterday and remembered how much I love it. Best I can tell, The Newsboy didn't make a video for this song because I can't find one, so here is a rendition. It's cute, but it shows a white Jesus with 1970's Shawn Cassidy hair...oh well. Maybe Jesus really does rock that hairdo. We'll find out soon enough ;)

Yesterday I picked up a copy of Reader's Digest (apparently I'm officially a middle aged woman now or I would read hip magazines) and it had the following article. I just sat there with my jaw on the floor...

Look at the countries who have people who profess to pray everyday. The rule moreso than the exception is likely they aren't praying to the True and Living God. I would imagine their religion requires prayer rather than it being a natural interaction with the Lord they love and serve. Now look at the ones that don't pray. That was even more distressing to me. Half, sometimes more, of the people in those countries don't profess to pray at all. I don't know who this quote is attributed to, but for years I've heard "what breaks God's heart, ought to break ours". That there are entire nations in this world where only half the people pray, and not all of those are to the One True God, must truly break His heart, so it should truly break ours. I used to spend a lot of time saying to God "It's just so bad here Lord. We must be living in the end times that Your Word professes. Come get us Lord, it's just so hard here and I fear for the future that my kids will live in". But I was enlightened by His scripture that He is slow to anger and that He wishes no one to perish. Clearly this article is evidence there is more to be done before Jesus returns for His Church. I'm praying for the compassion to fervently intercede for the world to know my Jesus and to talk to Him daily and get to know Him and to love Him.

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katdish said...

You're right, Marni. There is much work to be done. I'm actually suprised that the percentage of people in the US who never pray is as low as it is.

The mainstream media would have us believe that belief in God is a passing fancy. Still, 55% is nothing to get excited about.