I Heart Valentine's Day?

I hate mushy junk. I'll just get that out of the way, you can start dealing with it, then we'll move on. Everybody okay now? Great.

Each year, Dane and I pretty much boycott Valentine's Day. It's not that I'm against love, I'm just against the retail explotation of it and the pressure for loved ones feeling like they have to "prove" love with an abundance of red or pink crap I don't need. Besides, Dane treats most days like Valentine's Day by texting me sweet messages while we're at work, rubbing my feet while we watch CSI, clearing the dishes each night since I cooked, and taking care of all the bleh chores I don't like (taking out the trash, feeding the dogs, putting gas in the cars). So given all that, who needs a card in mid-February? Seriously.

To celebrate our anti-Valentine's Day this year, we gutted each of the bedrooms and shampooed the rugs. Then we rearranged Peyton and Lindsay's furniture, cooked a romantic candle lit dinner served on our nicest china and celebrated our family day...with Peyton with us of course (Lindsay was out of town with Uncle Greg and Aunt Stephanie).

All in all, I totally enjoyed our anti-Valentines. We spent some time laughing together (over the fact the between us, we have two college degrees and STILL couldn't figure out how to use a rug shampoo machine until trial and error prevailed). We spent some time all melancholy (watching Wall-E with Peyton) and some time reflecting on how much we all love each other (over plates of braised beef tips and noodles on fine wedding china).

Next post, I have some BIG and EXCITING news. Dear me, no, there isn't another baby coming. That ship has sailed, but it is about one of my exisiting babies and we're very proud of her! :)

Much love,


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katdish said...

Solidarity sista! Valentine's Day is to love as President's Day is to mattress and white sales. Just another gimmick. We played "Pit" with some friends and watched one of the Star Wars movies. Which one? I don't know...I'm not in to Star Wars.

On a totally unrelated note: Do you remember when I asked you about "Under the Overpass"? My pastor bought and read the book the same day, and now our church is doing a small group study based on the book. So, thanks for the recommendation.