Thursday Follies :)

Enjoy!! :)

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katdish said...

Dude. That. Was. Hilarious.

I'm not even gonna write a post for tomorrow. I'm just gonna link this post to my blog. I hope that's okay.

Tell you what. If I don't hear from you in the next 10 minutes, I'm going to assume you're cool with that. Okie dokie? Kewl.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Loved this. I'm here from katdish's blog.

He actually performed at our church. So I'd heard the first bit.

Oddly, he didn't do the corporate worship song at my church.

Do you think it had anything to do with the Starbucks we have in the lobby? (I'm not kidding)

jasonS said...

Came from Katdish's post too, and that was flippin' funny! I'm going to include it tomorrow in my 5 favorite links post- so great.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Marni - thanks for 'following' my blog. Double thanks for adding me to your blogroll! It's been fun making your acquaintance through your comments and your blog. See you around soon. God bless and happy blogging!