New Schedule...Yay!!

It took 18 years on the Dallas Police Department, but Dane finally got his dream job :) He moved to the Personnel divison a couple of weeks ago. He is responsible for deciding if applicants to the police department are qualified for a spot in each academy classes. He just loves it! And I love it because after all the years he's been on the department, he's finally going to a permanent shift of 8am-5pm and weekends and government holidays off. Life is good ;)

The new job requires some traveling since applicants will apply from out of state and he has to go and do full background checks on them. One officer in his division gets to go check out an applicant from Hawaii. Dane however, gets to go check out an applicant from Detroit. In the dead of winter. He's taking it in stride ;) I told him if he ever gets an Hawaiian applicant, I'm buying a plane ticket too and we're calling it a working second honeymoon!

I've got lots of pictures to post of the last month, but I keep forgetting to upload the pictures. I'll have some up soon, I promise.

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katdish said...

Dang, girl! It's about time you wrote a post. I was about to put your blog in time out.

That's awesome for your hubby and you. Congrats!