My friend Dionne has a cute little girl named Emma and Emma is always saying funny things. Dionne posts the sayings to her blog and calls them Emma-isms. In that spirit, I have a Peyton-ism from this weekend:

Peyton and I are in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. Lindsay comes into the kitchen wearing a new outfit and says "Mom, does this look dumb?" And I say, "You know we have a special alarm that goes off in this house if somebody tries to walk out of here looking dumb. I don't hear an alarm, so you must be looking good." Lindsay smiles and turns to walk away. She turns back around and says, "What about my hair?" and Peyton goes "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!"

Sarcasm is alive and well in the White house ;)

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Anonymous said...

I can see Peyton doing that and I can see you not wanting to laugh but not being able to help it and I can see Lidsey walking off !!!

I feel for poor Dane !!! But you gotta love - beep beep beep - think I will try to remember to say that to her when I see her :)

David B

Hallam Fam News said...

that is one of the best -ism's i've heard in a while!