Hurricane Ike Clean Out

I have been so busy at work with the administrative end of our Disaster Relief team. We've deployed every unit we have (Box, Clean Out, Chainsaw and Tent) down to coastal Texas to assist with the clean up efforts.

Our state NOVA (National Organization of Victim's Assistance) team has deployed to go and minister to folks who lost everything. I'm a NOVA certified chaplain and twice I've been asked to go down and work with the victims, but each time, God has clearly told me I can better serve staying here and helping with the the administrative tasks. That bums me out to no end that I'm not there, but I'm honored in whatever way God chooses to use me.

Our friends with TBM (Texas Baptist Men) have joined us in many areas we are working in (namely Orange, League City, Galveston Island and San Leon) and the pictures and testimonies they have sent back are such a blessing.

Please continue to pray. Some towns ceased to exist (in San Leon, the only thing left is one church) after the Hurricane came through and those people living there have to start all over. Here are some pictures our disaster relief volunteers have sent to me showing the work God is doing among those affected by Ike.

TBM Feeding Unit. They cook 3 meals a day for the victims and for the clean up volunteers

This is the tent belonging to our Association. When it's fully set up, it's roughly 1800 sq ft in size.

And when we put the "walls" up and tarp the floor, it will sleep up to 40 people a night comfortably. The tent is still in use in San Leon, so we have 2 five ton air conditioners to keep it cool for those who use it each day.

Our team set this up since no clean water existed in San Leon for days. It's a make-shift shower for residents and volunteers ;)

And speaking of make shift, since San Leon Community Church was the only facility left standing in that community, it quickly became the hub for the people of the community. The bathrooms in the church were wiped out, so we built a new temporary one. I don't know about having it near a table though, ick...

San Leon Community Church had 5 feet (!) of water standing in it after the Hurricane blew through. Our clean out team and other teams from around the State had to pull up floors, pull down sheet rock and pull out furniture up to one foot above the flood line.

Here are supplies that just started showing up! Red Cross, TBM or disaster relief teams from all over the country were so grateful we were taking care of a few small communities no one had gotten to yet. So these organizations would essentially drive in, drop off supplies, and head over to the next town knowing we were taking care of the distribution of the supplies for them.

These are some of our team members. Bob C. is in the center and he's one of my favorite people :) He works so tirelessly on our Clean Out and Chainsaw Units. Bob has 5 hurricanes, 2 ice storms, 2 house fires, a police standoff and countless flooding relief efforts under his belt, and that's in less than 2 years time. He has such a tender heart too. He's so effective in ministering to people who are hurting from whatever disaster or trauma he's there to serve the victims of.

Our Box Unit members helped at this church. I think the message says it all...despite the destruction, God is still good.

This is my favorite ministry we have. What the man in the picture is pinning up on his wall is packing paper. When we deploy our Box Unit, we take boxes and packing paper to help folks pack up what is left of their belongings. Our Box Unit leader, Cindy, had a great idea to give packing paper to area churches and let the children of those churches decorate the paper with encouraging words, pictures and scripture. Cindy has taken the decorated paper out on 3 disaster relief call outs since early summer, and each time the reaction is so amazing. Most people won't use the paper because they love the drawings and encouraging words too much. This man, a resident near League City, broke down and wept that children hours away took the time to let him know Jesus loves him. He hung this picture on his wall as a reminder.

The fact that we can help clean up after a disaster is a service we're proud to be a part of, but this right here is why we do what we love on people and let them know God loves them even more.

I have tons more photos, but I gotta get back to work ;) I'll post more soon. And if you're interested in supporting our efforts, shoot me an email and I'll tell you how you can help.

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Stephanie said...

I know everyone in our area appreciates what you are all doing. So many people have lost everything...but not their faith or spirit.

Anonymous said...


Bob works in Cubbies with me. He definitely has a servants heart with a passion for helping people. Thanks for sharing the pictures and for all you do.