Houston Revisited

My mom and I took off for a kid-free weekend down to Houston to see Stephanie and Greg. And we spent the duration doing two things: eating well and shopping until we thought we'd drop. The goal was to get mine and mom's dresses for Stephanies wedding. And we did!!! If that isn't miraculous enough, we even found one for Lindsay. Life is good. As a bonus, while there we got to have dinner with my old buddy Robby. He works for Liberty Mutual and has been in Houston for weeks assessing Hurricane claims. How sad is it that he lives less than an hour away, but we have to be in Houston before we make dinner plans?? ;) Also, I secretly hoped I'd bump into Beth Moore while in Houston since Living Proof Ministries is headquartered there. As it turns out, that same weekend, she was in Dallas. Darn the luck...
Here are some highlights:

This is a restaurant near Steph's place and I got a kick out it. And yes, my Dane is a saint for putting up with me all these years ;)

The destruction from Hurricane Ike was pretty evident once we got closer to downtown. But I was floored at how quickly Houston is cleaning up after such wide-spread destruction and flooding
Katy, Texas. Home to the GREATEST outlet mall ever. It was here we did our part to stimulte Houston's economy ;) But I-10 was one lane all the way there. What should have been a 20 minute drive took almost 2 hours. Thanks Ike.

My sister is crazy about elephants so I snapped this of she and mom in front of the Rainforest Cafe

Like I said, we ate well. Steph and Greg took us to this amazing Jewish deli called Kenny and Ziggy's. This piece of chocolate/white chocolate cake was so enormous, all four of us split it and still had some left over

And it was AMAZING! If you're ever in Houston, I highly recommend Kenny and Ziggy's. It's also strategically located near the Galleria and walking distance from DSW Shoes and the Container Store. Woo hoo!

Mom's authentic Rueben sandwich. I can't describe how good it was!

My corned beef and pastrami on rye. I ate on this thing for 3 days :)

We wanted to pull over and get a proper picture of Sam Houston, but traffic was a little brisk ;) So here's an action shot ;)

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