Prom dress!

God is good. I'm not throwing that out there lightly either. Those of you with teenage daughters might feel my pain on this, but shopping for a specialty outfit--namely prom--can be a daunting experience.

All week I'd been letting myself stress out over the shopping trip. I just KNEW we'd have to go up into North Dallas. I just KNEW we'd be shopping all day (and maybe not even find a dress) and I just KNEW Lindsay and I would irritate each other as we shopped. Praise you God, I was WRONG!!

Lindsay found the dress in Arlington. She found it in under half an hour. We spoke nothing but kind, encouraging and agreeable words to each other. It was a miracle in other words! Lindsay did try on several dresses, but she ended up going with the first one she tried on. Then, I panicked. I assumed she picked up on my stress this week and was just trying to be nice and pick out a dress quickly whether she liked it or not. She assured me she loved the dress and it was perfect. The fact she found it the first minute at the first store was just a happy bonus for her!

I'm not posting her in the actual dress because she didn't have the whole hair and makeup to go along with it and would be annoyed if I posted the picture without the full effect, but here is what the dress will look like...except prettier because it will be on her...

We're now on the hunt for the perfect shoes and jewelry. But the rough part is over...except for the part where Dane and I send our baby off to her first prom...

And speaking of prom, here is Colton. His prom was this past weekend.

Paige's is next weekend, so I'll have a pic or two of her later.

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