Not a "Sunny" Day for Beth Moore

UPDATE: Sunny came home!!! Yea for Beth Moore and for God!

I just love Beth Moore. If you don't know who she is, she writes wonderful Bible Studies. God has blessed her immensely in taking scripture and putting it lay terms and digging out treasures from it that I had not discovered on my own. Some of her studies and books have been used by God to see me through the roughest seasons of my life, and for that I will always be indebted to her. I wrote her a few years back to thank her for her Patriarchs study as it was helping me deal with Courtney being so sick. She wrote me the kindest and most encouraging letter back and endeared herself to me even more...if that was even possible.

So imagine my sorrow for her today when I log on to her blogspot and read her beloved dog Sunny is missing. (You can click here to read the story). Sunny showed up on the Moore's doorstep one day and proceeded to see Beth through a profound season of loss, so as you can imagine, she's so upset at Sunny being lost. Bless her heart, Ms. Beth is keeping this in perspective as you'll read on her blog, but as someone who's had a beloved pet go missing, I feel her pain.

If you can, go by her site and drop her a word of encouragment, or simply say a prayer for Sunny's return, or peace for her and her family if that isn't God's will for this situation.

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