She's a BIG star! :)

As many of you have heard me say, we had many blessings come from our journey with cancer. One of them is Adrienne (or Ade as we lovingly call her). Ade and her sister Emily have been very close friends with Britney and Courtney Howard since they were all kids. And it was through my girl Courtney, that I met my girl Ade. I had been hearing about her for months. Courtney kept saying, "you've got to meet my friend Ade. You'll love her. She's AWESOME!" A few years back, Courtney was in the hospital on Easter Sunday and we were up visiting her, and in walks this tiny red-head with a smile that lit up the room. She said, "Happy Resurrection Day everybody!" and I knew we'd be friends forever. And Court was right, Ade is so awesome!

We've been praying for Ade the last few years. She's a pro golfer and she's trying to get on the LPGA. She's been so close, but God hasn't made that dream come true yet. So...imagine our pride and excitement when she called us right after Christmas to tell us she'd just got back from Hawaii where she'd been filming episodes for the golf reality show, Big Break!!! A few months back, Dane was caddying for her at one of her tournaments and they got rained out, so she tells Dane there is a tryout for the Big Break that day, so they headed over and she interviewed. Soon after, they called her back to let her know she was selected to be on the show. So mere weeks before her wedding to the man of her dreams, she was off to Hawaii to film!

On Tuesday night, the Big Break Ka'anapali debuted. Cedar Creek Golf Club hosted a watching party. And it was AWESOME to see Ade on TV!!! She was so classy (like always), focused (like always) and she pretty much single handedly put her team in first place (duh!) :) She can't tell us how she did in the overall game because of the non-disclosure contract she signed, but my money is on her :) If she wins, she gets $20,000, a BMW, and most importantly, an exemption to get her into the LPGA. We are SO excited for her.

If you get the Golf Channel, the Big Break episodes she's on are on Tuesday's at 9pm. Go check her out. If you don't get the Golf Channel, I linked to the website above and you can see some video clips of her in action. Just type in Adrienne in the search box.

Also, she sent me a newspaper article someone sent her from South Carolina where she is a U of SC alumni. So click here if you'd like to read the article.

And here are some pics from the watch party. Love you all. Hope it's a great day!

Peyton and Aryan. When Adrienne married Brent, she also became an instant mommy to Aryan. She and Peyton had so much fun at the watching party!

Peyton and Britney :)

Peyton and Ade. I took a few pictures and Peyton insisted on goofy faces in all of them. But then again, Peyton and Ade are ALWAYS goofy acting when they're together!

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Prodigal Jon said...

Marni -
This is Jon from stuff christians like. I saw your comment about beth moore's daughter. I'm not sure I read that correctly, is Beth Moore's daughter reading the blog?