Hey lookie there, and update!

I'm such a slacker, I know. Still haven't located the cord for my camera and the one I bought off ebay was a bust. It doesn't fit even though the seller insists it does...

So, here are some pictures, FINALLY, of the last few months of our life. Enjoy!

This is Peyton in the dress she picked out for the Children's Cancer Fund fashion show in late March. She was a beautiful model and was escorted by 3 anchor persons from Fox 4 News in Dallas.

Our youth group after a hard but fulfilling day with Habitat for Humanity.

Peyton at the CCF fashion show. This is Peyton's very good friend Avery and Peyton's favorite Child Life Specialist, Ms. Kristen.

Paige and Lindsay at the CCF fashion show.

So what else is going on...Oh yes! We're about to have a landmark event in our home. Lindsay will be 16 on May 25th. I don't know how that happened. She was in kindergarten, I blinked and now she's 16. Hug your little ones while they're still little. It's over before you know it...

Lindsay was accepted in the cosmetology program through her school. She's going to do 2 years of that, get licensed and work in a salon as she goes to college in 2 years. Her goal is to get a business degree and then open her own salon. She's quite excited about her future plans. I'm excited about having great hair for free for the rest of my life ;) Lindsay will also have an exciting summer adventure. My sister moved to Florence Italy early this year and Lindsay is going to go spend a month with her there this summer. She'll get to see lots of Italy as well as a trip to Spain and France! Now if her passport would just get here, I'd breathe a little easier!

Peyton is doing well too. She's had a great season with softball. She primarily plays pitcher and she's doing well with it. Dane is her coach this year and I've had the best time watching them. Peyton is also getting excited about Camp Esperanza. She had so much fun last year and can't wait to go back. She's also looking forward to a summer full of swimming lessons, golf camp and time alone with mom and dad while Lindsay is away ;)

Okay that's it for now. It's seriously late and I have jury duty first thing in the morning :( Hope everyone has a great week.


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