If I could just find the cord...

Then I could plug it into my digital camera and upload some great pictures I have. I guess it's time to hit ebay and see if I can find one.

We've had a great few weeks. The weekend of the 17th, we went with our Youth Group and some other youth leaders to Granbury for a retreat. We had a blast! We did some small group time, had communion, listened to an awesome band out of Dallas who came to do worship for us and built a large retaining wall for Habitat for Humanity. BUT, I can't find my converter cord to upload the pictures to the computer so you'll have to use your imagination.

Things have been going well with church too. We've been going through a series called Intimacy and it's been phenomenal. The series is touching on many different things that are stirring my heart, but one of the ways the series is stirring me is how we're called to represent God in this life. It got me to thinking of the amazing role models I have and have had in my life that are such great examples of "Jesus with skin on". To all of you, thank you for being such exemplary role models for me:

Dane--he shows me what God means in Ephesians 5. He loves me as Christ loves His Church
Lindsay and Peyton-they show me a hint of how much God loves us because being a parent is as close as we may understand God's love of us in this lifetime
My pastor Brian-he shows me how reaching others the way God intends rather than how most churches intend are two very different things. God's way is better and Brian is showing us how to do it!
My boss Larry--he shows me what a passion for missions is and how to execute that passion into a plan of action
Nanny--my grandmother. She was the first person to tell me about Jesus.
Our youth and college kids--they show me how our walks with God are a journey, not something we wake up and realize we've suddenly achieved. I watch them all make great strides, sometimes only to fall away. But they always get back on the path and are stronger for it each time.
Griffin--he taught me what the Bible meant by "Childlike faith". He never questioned what we read to him from the Bible. He just absorbed as much as he could in the short time God loaned him to us.
Elisha--he showed me that the gift of evangelism and faith can exist in a small child. There is no telling how many people have come and will come to know Jesus because of the immense spark from this little boy.
Courtney--she showed me faith IN ACTION and was a living example of 1 Timothy 4:12
Carol, Suzy, Donna and all my other Bible Study ladies--they taught me what authentic community is and loved me through the best and worst days of my entire life.
Adrienne--"As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another...."
Britney--"In all my troubles, my joy knows no bounds..."

Be blessed. I am....

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Anonymous said...

Hey you, tofu is the spongy stuff that no one but Kinsey likes. Apparently other than tomatoes, tofu is her fave! What a weird kid. Also, if you don't update your blog soon I am going to have to come back up there and hit you on the head!