Spring Break!

We had such a great Spring Break.  I don't have a single photo to post.  Dane took our camera swimming in Lake Fork several weeks ago and we currently have nothing to photograph memories with.  But I'm a resourceful woman.  Since I don't have photos, I'll just tell you about our week and post fake pictures.  Just pretend it's us. This will be fun!  Really!

Part of why this was such a great Spring Break is that I haven't actually had one in years.  God bless Higher Ed for hiring me, then giving me a week off.  Bliss.  Except that I spent my Spring Break in a lakehouse house full of college students.  I can't seem to escape them.  Lindsay brought 6 friends who tried very hard to eat us out of house and home ;-)

My awesome in-laws bought us Jet Ski's for Christmas and we promptly broke them in on lake Granbury this weekend.  Collectively, we put over 60 hours on 2 Jet Ski's in less than 6 days.  Yep, we wore them out and had a blast doing it.

(Man, I look GREAT on a jet ski.  I even look blonde.  Who knew?)

The fishing wasn't good.  Poor Lake Granbury is fighting with Golden Algae right now.  The fine Aggie's from Texas A&M are currently studying the how's and why's.  Reports state the algae claimed as many as 240,000 fish :-( 

We took everyone out for great food at a Japanese Steak house.  It was a blast watching our chef create food art, right in front of us.

My very dear friend, Stephanie, and I helped pump the local economy with some power-shopping trips!

(WOW!  I look better shopping than I do on a jet ski)

Of course there were romantic nights on the dock watching the sunset with Dane.  Very relaxing, I must say.

Mani's and pedi's made for a relaxing time too!

Yes, it was a great week!!  Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta head on over to Amazon.com and buy a new camera.  I'm open to suggestions.  And if you know of any water-proof ones, lemme hear from you.

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Annie K said...

Wow, the pictures make the post! Glad you had a great spring break. And yes, you do look fabulous as a blonde.

katdish said...

Girl, you look GOOD in those green shorts!

Helen said...

You are right! You do look great on the jet skis! I'm glad you had a fun time!