I miss satellite radio so much...or, why Dave Ramsey is the boss of me

The good news:  We don't have any credit cards, so no credit card debt.  Yay us.
The bad news:  We are rapidly accruing student loan debt and still owe $40,000 in medical bills for Peyton's treatment.  Boo us.

Enter Dave Ramsey.  And I love Dave.  I really, really, really do.  But man.  He is wrecking my swag.

To know me is to know I don't like to be bossed around.  I let God boss me around, annnnnd that's about it ;-)  But now, Dave Ramsey is the boss of me.  Sigh. 

Dane and I did a hard core evaluation of our money situation.  We've spent the last 6 years having a love/hate relationship with our checking account.  We were the couple that did it right.  We have college degrees, well paying jobs, lived within our means, saved for college for our girls.  Then cancer showed up.  It wiped us out financially.  We spent college money on chemo.  And we were (are) seriously bothered that our planning was all for nought when it came time to pay for Lindsay's education.  And we felt stuck.  And we felt angry.  And we felt fearful.  And we began to take on student loan debt to the tune of $20,000 a year.

Then after some wonderful and wise sermons from our dear pastor Rodney, and some serious prayer and listening to God, we knew we were being called to rid ourselves of debt.

I bought this amazing book and got to reading:

I knew we had our answer from God.  I can tell you we aren't doing ALL of the things Dave recommends (neither of us is getting a second job because we have a child to raise and she needs us more than we need to rid our debt) but most of his other stuff, we're all in.  And at first, it was a snap. 

Then Dave started to boss me about the "extras" we spend our money on.  He took shots and my bi-weekly manicures, my grocery spending...and my satellite radio.

RIP dear friend.  I love you and miss you:

Dave bossed me until I gave up my satellite radio.  I cried.  I'm embarassed to admit that, but I actually sat in my car and cried.  I love my satellite radio.  I'm a commercial snob, so Sirius completed me.  I could listen to brand new Jesus music, old 80's hairband tunes, and Top 40 country.  It made me so happy.  It also cost me over $250 a year. 

But here's the thing.  I've learned to enjoy (read: not love) public radio.  It's free and it will do.  But man, Dave is so the boss of me.

I also got on board with my sweet internet buddy Jon, and he and Dave showed me how to spend grocery money responsibly.  Bless them.  That didn't hurt at all, so Dave can be nice too.

I'm still getting bi-weekly manicures though.  Rome wasn't built in a day. 

The good news: According to Dave, we'll be debt free in 6.10 years.  That. Includes. Our. Mortgage.  9 years ahead of schedule. God is amazing.  So is Dave Ramsey :-)
The bad news:  There isn't any.  God is setting us free.  How awesome is that?

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Anonymous said...


I came upon this post via a @daveramsey tweet and what an inspiration! I am currently sitting in a PACU with my wife and daughter. My daughter had a seizure about 30 minutes ago during her recovery from a procedure she had this morning. My daughter has a seizure disorder, sculloisis, among other things. She was having a new body cast put on, which she has to be put to sleep for. It provides correction while she is growing in order to prolong the major surgery she will have in the future.

Again, your post was very inspiring. I read your story and then clicked the carringbridge link in the post. Looking back, that wasn't the best idea right after just experiencing an emotional event. I still haven't been able to stop the tears rolling down my face.

Anyway, thanks for you candour - I will check back and read more later. I feel your family and mine probably have some things in common. It's always good therapy to read/share with others that have similar blessings.

We have yet to take the plunge into Dave's plan. I want to, because debt bothers me every day. But one thing at a time. God is good and I love him so!


Helen said...

Hi Marni. I'm so glad for you that that is getting under control.

Leslie in GA said...

Sigh. I'm trying to let Dave boss me, but I'm fighting it. Your post was awesome and motivating. Thanks for the candor.

Marni said...

Scott, I hope you do stop back by so you can update me on your precious daughter. It doesn't get any scarier than something happening to our children, but God gets such Glory from us trusting Him in that process. I'll be praying for you and for your little one.

Marni said...

Hi Helen. Thank you so much sweet friend!! I'm glad too :-)

Marni said...

Leslie, I've fought God for years on money. Like Dave says in his book, when you've had enough, you will stop at nothing to rid yourself of the debt beast. It took me years, but I'm finally tired enough of it to react. I'll pray for you and what God is speaking to you about what to do. We can do this girl!!

GS said...

Hey Marni,

Thanks for this post. I arrived here via a Dave Ramsey tweet too. We're just getting into Dave's TMM, but our little girl, 9mths, hasn't had to face the challenges in your home.

So... we've never met you, my wife and I, but you're our sister.

Much love.

G (J and B)

Anonymous said...

Marni if you already have a phone with internet (Dave is also my boss so don't go spending new money) you can use TuneIn radio which has 50,000 FM & AM stations. Put an earbud in or plug the phone into the Aux input on your radio and you have a free quasi satellite radio.


Candy said...

You guys are awesome. That is all.

Marni said...

G (and J and B), I'm honored to be your sister :-) I'll pray for you as you go through TMM. Some of things God calls us to do, via Dave, are so hard, but the blessings are ten-fold!

Marni said...

J, you just made my day!! I had no idea TuneIn existed. I do have wireless on my phone, so I'll check it out. Thanks so much for the tip!!

Marni said...

Candy, I know you are but what am I ;-) love you girl!!

katdish said...

I'm glad you're getting things under control. I can't say I'm happy to hear that Dave Ramsey is the boss of you, because I just hate that thought of anyone being the boss of you. But I get it.

Good thing you already had your lips done, huh?

Marni said...

Katdish, indeed. Now my elective enhancements are a no-no. Snort!

Caitie Davis said...


We LOVE Dave Ramsey! My sis-in-law and her husband did our pre-martial counseling, and he was their biggest recommendation for financial prep. We are going through Financial Peace University, and while it's working, it's hard! However, he's hilarious and makes us really think about where each dollar is going--so encouraging!
I don't know if you have ever listened to Dave Ramsey's radio show, but he'll have people call in and announce their debt-free day. One day (soon) that will be you! Congrats!

Marni said...

Caitie, we're doing one better! We're going to TN and writing out our last mortgage check in Dave's headquarters. It's apparently a tradition. My friend Jon works for him and says he even has a mural of cut up credit cards that people sent him as an homage to how Dave helped them out of debt. How. Cool. Is. That??

Look here. I totally cannot wait to be here and mugging it up (debt free) with Dave.


Annie K said...

Wow, you go girl. (Does this mean you had to give up Dr. Pepper?)