After some time apart, Thanksgiving photos

So and I haven't been getting along too well lately. I posted some great pictures, blogger decides to randomly delete them. I said some things, blogger said some things, we spent some time apart each mulling over what our relationship has become. Today, we're better although I'm not quite ready to call us friends just yet.
Here is a sampling of our Thanksgiving. I hope yours was as blessed as ours:

I have been lifelong friends with Tiffany. This is her son Jack and Peyton napping in the hammock :)

And her other son Ryan and Peyton in the dining room

Dane, Jack and my dad watching football

Tiffany, Jack and Tiff's boyfriend Rick

On Saturday night, my mom, my sister Stephanie, Lindsay and I all loaded up to go see Twilight. It was so great. Total chick movie though :)

On the way to the movies. This time we're at a stop sign.

And this time we aren't. It's amazing how confused I can look when a random flash goes off in my face as I drive.

Lindsay and Steph

Mom and Steph love them some James Bond!

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