Camp John Marc

We went for our annual family weekend getaway at Camp John Marc. Peyton attends Camp Esperanza there every summer, and in the off-season, Camp John Marc generously opens up for families of campers. It was c-o-l-d, but we had an absolute blast! Here we are starting out at our favorite BBQ place in Meridian...

And then heading to Family Dollar. Do not ask me why, but my girls are obsessed with this store ;)

Family Dollar had a Dr Pepper themed tree. Or "awesomeness" as I would call it if I had one of my own!

We had a blast playing all kinds of board games like Monopoly, Sorry and Apples to Apples (which is really hysterical when you play with Peyton!) We also had the most amazing hot cocoa in great mugs, thanks of course to Family Dollar ;)

Peyton hanging out by the fire pit where we made smore's and hung out with the other families that were down there too.

Peyton is creeping me out a little with this weird face she's making ;) This is she and Lindsay in front of the craft building.

This is Peyton making me a new jewelry box.

We had the full run of the craft building. It had this enormous craft closet and we could use anything in it we wanted. This picture represents about 1/4 of the overall closet. It was huge!

Peyton hanging out on the swing

Again, with the face! But this is the cabin Peyton stayed in this past summer.

This is my favorite part of the camp...the outdoor chapel. This verse was so precious to me when we were walking through Peyton's cancer treatments.

You can't really tell from the picture, but these seats are sloped back so you can come out at night, lean back and gaze at the stars :)

I love this! It's a VERY long brick path and the bricks hold the names of every child who has ever attended Camp John Marc. It hurts me the path is so long because each name represents a sick child, but I love it because this is a place where kids can forget about their problems for a while.

Kelsey was a good friend of Lindsay's for many years. She went to live with the Lord in March 2005. Lindsay was excited to find her brick :)

Ashley was a young lady we prayed for as she battled cancer. Ashley went to be with the Lord in 2003.

This is the newest building. The Silo. It's AMAZING inside.

I love this quote. It's in the Nature Room of the Silo

This is the nature room in the new Silo building. It's all screened in and gives the kids a place to hang out while they look at insect exhibits (ick!)

This is the actual silo of the building. It's a rock climbing wall. Peyton was bummed it wasn't open since she loves rock climbing.

A view from the Nature Room balcony

The details in this building are amazing. This is a door hinge bearing the Camp John Marc emblem.

John Marc, the little boy whom the camp was named for

The rec room

Quotes in the rec room

Lindsay and I being dumb in the rec room!

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