Well, DUH!

I really wanted to post Halloween pictures, but Dane took the camera with him to the deer lease before I pulled the pictures off of it. He'll be back tomorrow and I'll get on with Halloween blogging then. But in the meantime, may I vent??

I saw this a couple of days ago and I'm thinking, "Duh!" Have you read it yet? If not, click here. It's like an epiphany or something that teen pregnancy is linked to watching TV shows with sexual content. Maybe now that this is in mainstream news, people will believe it.

And then this morning, I heard a song on our local Christian radio station. It's by Bebo Norman It's called Britney, I'm Sorry. It's an apologetic song he wrote to Britney Spears. The lyrics are moving:

Britney, I'm sorry for the lies we told
We took you into our arms, then left you cold
Britney, I'm sorry for this cruel, cruel world
We sell the beauty but destroy the girl
Britney, I'm sorry for your broken heart
We stood aside and watched you fall apart
I'm sorry we told you fame would fill you up
And money moves the man, so drink the cup

(chorus)I know loves goes around the world, we know
And you never see it coming back
But I can see it coming back for you
It's coming back for you

Britney, I'm sorry for the stones we throw
We tear you down just so we can watch the show
Britney, I'm sorry for the words we say
We point the finger as you fall from grace

Britney, I do believe that love has come
Here for the broken, here for the ones like us

Lindsay was in the 5th grade when Britney Spears became popular. Her first CD was relatively harmless, so I let Lindsay listen to her music. By the time Britney Spears started spiraling toward her less-wholesome-phase, Lindsay was over her music, so I didn't have to worry about it. But something about this young woman stuck with me and I've felt compelled to pray for her ever since. And when she really started to spiral downward in her personal life and I saw how vicious the attacks against her were, I ramped up my prayers for her even more.

This song is so what I'd want to tell her if I ever had a chance. I hope someone around her has heard it and encouraged her to listen. She needs to know "love has come" and needs to know the love we know that never fails us, even as the world does.

Okay, I'm getting back to work. Don't forget to vote!! Have a great one.



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