Halloween '08

Halloween started off with our Fall Carnival at church. We had a great time! Peyton got her face painted

In two different ways, because we are a house divided ;)

Esteemed leaders of our church, Dudley and David as Hannah Montana and Elvis respectively

Dane and our pastor Richard. Elvis is looking questionable in this picture ;)

Smitty and Dalton as the cowardly lion and the scarecrow. Aren't they cute??

Kelly, Peyton and Christopher

Okay this one needs a little explaining. We were out on the church hayride and about two blocks into it, we get pulled over by the local police. They tell us we've violated 2 state laws: being in an open air vehicle without a parade permit, and having children under the age of 18 in an open air vehicle. So...we start to hop off the trailer and walk back (2 blocks, mind you) to the church when the officer announces we can't leave because he has a supervisor on the way to "determine what we're going to do about this situation". Wow. The sargeant decides it's too unsafe to walk back, so we start calling folks at the church to drive the 2 blocks to pick us up. The kids are crying thinking we're going to jail and I'm mentally composing my complaint letter in my head. But we made it back, rebel lawbreakers that we are, and had a funny story to share. (Side note: Douglas and Darin, it's the same cop who busted us for wrapping your house a few years back. And we got ANOTHER lecture from him.)

Each year, our neighbors get together and have a little party with chili dogs and snacks. Then half of us take the kiddos trick-or-treating while the other half stays behind to hand out candy. This year I was on the "driveway squad" since I was on the "traveling squad" last year. Here is our first attempt to get all the kids to stand still for a picture.

And our second...

Ahh, success!

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Stephanie said...

Greg really wanted to go as Hannah Montana too but I wouldn't spring for the wig...there is always next year..

Greg said...

My profile is updated, thanks to your inspirational comment. :)