God Bless Technology!

Since I am not destined to replace the converter cord for my camera (after months of trying to no avail) I had given up hope of consistently posting our family pics...and then while in Wal Mart, the clouds of despair parted, and I found my new best techie friend. It's a jump drive WITH AN SD converter built in, so now I can pop my memory stick into the jump drive, pop the jump drive into the computer, and voila!!!

So let's pick up where I left off, which would be Halloween (but don't trust the dates on the pics, they are almost all wrong!)...
Note to the 3 readers of this blog: yes we do have 2 daughters, but Lindsay is camera-shy and isn't in as many pics as Peyton ;)

Peyton and our neighbors getting ready to trick or treat. Peyton was Mulan.

This is the shirt I made Pey for the Children's Cancer Fund walk in November. The front of the shirt says "I'm a Survivor!"

This is all of us at the walk. Dane, Lindsay and I are wearing our team shirts. We were on the Courtney Howard team and walked with Court's mom and sister and their friends.

Peyton getting a lift from Paige :)

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