December Getaway

Every year, Peyton goes to cancer camp to this wonderful place called Camp John Marc. They open the camp in the off season to the families of the camp kids, so in early December, we spent a weekend there. It is an AMAZING facility. The cabins are top-notch and the grounds are so beautiful. We had the best time hanging out with each other playing cut-throat games of Uno and Monopoly, taking long hikes and eating comfort food :) Here are a few pics from that weekend:Our cabin

This is Peyton's cabin when she is at camp each summer

Peyton made a friend that weekend. This is she and Isabella. They thought it was hysterical that she and Peyton's doll share the same name :)

This is one of my all time favorite pictures :)

And check it out, the date is correct on the picture finally!! And yes, Lindsay was with us, but she did this weekend without makeup or hair product and refused to be photographed as a result!! :)

Since Camp John Marc is a camp for children who are or who have been seriously ill, (including the little boy it is named after) there are beautiful dedications all over the camp for children who have died. While out on one of our many walks, we found the outdoor chapel. It was so beautiful. It is made of stone and colored glass and has scripture carved all over the walls. If you know much about our history with Griffin and Courtney, you know that Griffin told us before he died, he send us ladybugs to let us know he was thinking of us. And Courtney has sent us dragonflies much in the same way Grif sends ladybugs. We were at the chapel and there were so many wonderful verses of scripture about God's love, God's plans and God's mercy and each was related to how God is a great God despite the fact that children get sick and die. So of course it was emotional for us to be there. All of the sudden, we were SWARMED with orange ladybugs and dragonflies. They were just everywhere. Of course, I didn't have the camera with us, but we would each have 30-40 ladybugs and dragonflies landing on us at a time. We just laughed and cried at how God would do that for us :)

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