Blog Slacking

Okay, I know I was going to try and blog more often and I haven' to those of you who lovingly point that out to me, I apologize! So here's my peace-offering. I'm doing a photo blog of the last 2 months to catch you up on the oh-so-fascinating life that is mine (note the sarcasm)...

This is my new brother in law, Paul (that's for you Douglas and Darin) ;) We all hung out at the lakehouse together on Thanksgiving and Paul and his girls and Dane's sister Deborah sang for us...
This is also from Thanksgiving weekend. Paige had never had Sushi, so this is her before her first bite. As is turns out, she loved it!! :)

This is Peyton and her friend Jessica holding up their new Build A Bears. That brings Peyton's Build A Bear total to 7...and as Peyton is so proud of saying, it beats Lindsay's Build A Bear record by 1 bear!! ;)

Lindsey and I showing the love for our favorite holiday drinks!!

Peyton and Daddy taking in the carousel at The Parks mall. Daddy is celebrating that we finished our Christmas shopping and were getting ready to leave the mall!!

Christmas morning at Granny's. Peyton is unloading her stocking. Doesn't Lindsay look thrilled to be up so early?? :)

Sunglass divas getting ready for the Youth New Year's Eve party

Happy New Years!

Very tired but happy Youth workers Shalyn, Lisa and Phil (Our pastor, Brian, is the 3rd from the left)

Peyton participating in the Junior Panther Cheerleader performance at a recent basketball game

Peyton and her cheer buddy Morgan

So, I hope that catches everyone up on some of the goings-on in the White House :) I'll be diligent about including pictures from now on--girl scout's honor.

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Danny Burch said...

It saddens me to see that I am not in any of your two month catch-up pictures... another reason to hang out with you adults more!