Where did my baby go?

Today Peyton started 6th grade.  Yesterday she was "promoted" from Children's Church to Youth Group.  And since then I've been asking myself...where did my baby go?

This was my little sunshine years ago when God handed her over to us after many years of waiting on her...

Here she is living past when the doctors told us she would...but God had other plans!

And here she is this morning.  One of my two best gifts from God.  Does she look ready to take on the world or what?

But still...where did my baby go?

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Helen said...

You have a beautiful daughter! Not surprising though, when you look at her mother!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

What's THIS? A POST???? Well, I knew it'd have to be for a momentous occasion. Congrats to Peyton for entering the land of middle school. (You and I can journey together through middle school girl parenthood. GAH.)

Candy said...

She up and "growed up" into a beautiful young lady now, didn't she? Yes, God has plans for her. There's no stopping Team Peyton. She's adorable.

floyd said...

What a blessing from God! And cute!

She's there... And always will be your baby, I don't think it matters how old or how big. She's Mommy's girl.

God is good!

I hear you, my baby started 8th grade this year...

A Joyful Noise said...

They grow up so quickly and the time flys. Yet she will always be the baby even when she is grown. I am sure she will not enjoy you saying that she is your baby especially now that she is such a big girl. :-)

MEMIL said...

This made me cry! Ahh....life changes. Dane is 43 and you're, hmmmm, still very young, and I'm sure Grammy will agree you guys are still our babies! They will never know it, but 2 dentists in Midlothian came VERY close to feeling the wrath of my baby's mother. As always, you can mess with us......but NEVER ( and that means NEVER, EVER, and FOREVER) mess with our kids!