Their lives in 3 words

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

And did you know...

...36 children will be diagnosed with cancer today?

...7 of them will die today?

...cancer is the #1 disease killer of children under the age of 18?

...some of the deadliest forms of cancer on earth, only go after children?

...those cancers (Neuroblastoma, Rhabomyosarcoma, brain tumors and Ewing's Sarcoma) only have a 30% cure rate?

...children who survive cancer, (thanks to chemo and radiation) have a high chance of cancer recurrance within 10 years because chemotherapy and radiation causes cancer?

...if cancer comes back, the cure rate drops by half?

...children who survive cancer almost always suffer from learning disabilities, impaired motor skills, memory function issues, hearing loss, bone loss and fertility issues (my daughter has all of these)

......The largest cancer funding organizations in the world only give 5% (or less) of their funding to research children's cancer?

Would you like to help change all this? Good. Here's how.
Team Connor
St Jude Hospital (They share research knowledge with hospitals all over the world)

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jasonS said...

Thanks for being passionate about such a wonderful thing. I know it's close to your heart, but I appreciate what you do. Blessings, Marni!