September--my month of smiles, my month of tears

We're slowly winding down September, which is officially Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. September always brings me lots of good memories--Peyton was declared in remission on September 16, 2004. But September brings me some painful memories--Our sweet Courtney took a huge turn for the worse right after Labor Day in 2005.

Peyton and Courtney, October 2004

After Jesus called Courtney home, this song helped me. A lot. And some days, I never thought I would get through it (note that I said through it, not over it)...

And all though my family and I will never be over losing Courtney

and Griffin

And Elisha

And way too many others...Kelsey, Kennedy, Jorge, Andy, Lauren, Alexis, Micah...

This month, God gave me a new song.  He's just awesome like that :-)  I hope it gives you peace like it does me.  I especially love the part where she says no hurt comes to us that doesn't pass through God's hands first.  He's in charge of it, before I ever feel it.  I love that about our God.  I really, really do.

As always, if you want to help fund research for cures and less toxic cures for children, please go to and jump in to help. 

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katdish said...

Sharing in your tears and praying for a cure. Love both of those songs. Thank you for sharing them.

Candy said...

These photos say it all. What a blessing you have been for those who have suffered from this disease. Romans 8:38-39 kept going through my mind as I read this. Thanks, Marni.

♥ Kathy said...

I am so sorry for your losses. I'm crying and praying right there with you.