My Mother's Day

Dane and the girls graciously gave me my Mother's Day present last month when they sent me, my mom and my sister to see Bon Jovi in concert. Woot! I told them not to get me any thing else. I'm glad they didn't listen because this year, both of my girls gave me "from the heart" things that had me tearing up and laughing out loud.

Lindsay mailed me this. She comes from a long line of smart @$$ women in our family (just ask our husbands). I'm so proud she's carrying on the tradition...

She had finals to study for so I didn't think I'd see her for Mother's Day.  Saturday night, she showed up and surprised me :-)

Peyton worked hard at school making me a Mother's Day book (if you can't see the page very well, click on it and a larger version will load):

I never said I was a nerd.  She must have called my sister.
A few years back, she found out she and I don't have the same blood type.  Instead, she has Dane's.  She's obsessed with this "phenomena".  She thinks the reason she looks and acts like her daddy is because she got his blood instead of mine.

Yes, I stink at Guitar Hero--my family asks me to play just so they can laugh.  And I clearly capped out at 4th grade math because her homework leaves me feeling like a moron.  That spending money thing...I'm good at that.  She just heard her dad smart off about how bad I am TELLING him I spent it ;-)

She doesn't like my Eggplant Parmagiana...duly noted ;-)

I just love this book.  She exaulted and humbled me all the way through the book...and that's what motherhood has been for me, so it's only fitting.

To you mom's out there, I hope it was a great day for you.  And to my dear friends Mo, Kelly, Kellye, Suzanne and Mary who have a child in the arms of Jesus, I prayed for you all weekend as you spent the day without your angels.

To my moms (Linda, Kay and Kathy) and  my dear friends Mo, Helen, Ade, Emi ...I know your mom's spent Mothers Day with Jesus.  I prayed for you all weekend as well. 

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Jewda said...

That was awesome. Of course, my favorite page was the one about you being a nerdy hall monitory with your nerd glasses.

Marni said...

Jeff, I still am a nerdy hall monitor with nerdy glasses :-)

jasonS said...

Sweet and funny! Gotta love those kids... well, at least when they do cool stuff like this. :)

katdish said...

"and when her duty was done she would go back to class and put on her nerdy glasses"

HA! That is one awesome book. I hope it's laminated!