The one where I'm so far behind in blogging, I'm wearing flip flops but posting snow pics

Disclaimer: It's at this point where I remind you, I don't have a "real blog", I just post pictures for the grandparents of my children and occassionally some silly observations I make. Hence, the length of times between posts 

The snow started falling before daybreak.  Peyton was VERY excited.

This was 2:00pm, right after schools were closed

By 5:00pm, we were up to 8 inches

And when it was all over, 13 inches total.  Insanity!

Moving on...look what I got for my birthday!!!! It's awesome.
The first thing I downloaded was a study Bible and Concordance.  I'm loving it!  My Amazon bill is pretty ridiculous, but it's such a great present.  The classics I love (because I am a literature nerd) are free, so I've been downloading those like crazy.

My mom got me the Kindle after I showed an interest (read: coveted) hers she got for Christmas.  My sister bought me a beautiful red, leather case for it.  I'm having a ball with it!  This may rank right up there as my favorite gift, tying with the Merlin I got for my 9th Christmas and the strand of pearls my dad bought me for my 18th birthday :-)

On a lower note, Peyton just had her 4th crown put in her mouth.  The radiation has wrecked her baby teeth :-(  It also occurred to me today, that 4 crowns at $600 each, my dream beach resort vacation, is in her mouth.  Sigh.

On a higher note, we booked a trip to Disney World.  We took Lindsay for her 10th birthday, and that started a tradition...apparently :-)  Peyton will be 10 this summer, so we're blowing off the last week of school and going in May.  (We learned our lesson NOT to go to Disney World from June to November...unless we just enjoy 6 million percent humidity.)  This will be our first trip back since Peyton's Make A Wish trip in October of 2005 (see October 28th entry).  It's a blessing to reflect back on how far we've come since that trip!  I'm excited for her to see Disney World again, but this time through the eyes of a healthy child :-)  Does it get better than that?  I don't think so...

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katdish said...

Please tell me that's a picture from photobucket and that you didn't actually take that picture (the mouth one, I mean)

And Disney World? Woot!

S. Etole said...

glad your little one is healthy now ... and that's major snow!

Candy said...

Marni has a blog! Marni has a blog!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than funnel cake. And yes, you have a LOT to celebrate. Those crowns are a reminder of the healing - love 'em.