Twitter Ho Down...who knew, right?

I know, I almost NEVER participate in the Twitter Ho Down.  Here's why: I'm too lazy to go back and copy and paste my tweets into my blog.  But sometimes, I'm just so darn clever, so I stop being lazy and do it.  This is one of those times.  Enjoy ;-)

Olympic Opening Ceremony--this would not have been near the fun were it not for NtG:

@sarahmsalter right now feeling kinda geographically dumb ;-) watching Olympic opening ceremony and going "where is THAT country"?

RT @Nick_theGeek: What?!?! The Jamaican bobsled team didn't qualify???? John Candy will roll over in his grave.//bummed me out too :(

And I love you America, but yes, those pants make your butt look big. #whitepantsfail

Who is the chick (with cankles) singing with Bryan Adams and what made her pick that outfit?? #fashionfail

Nevermind. Nelly Furtado. I always thought her name sounded like a side dish at Taco Bell.

@Nick_theGeek bad footwear makes me snippy. What of it!?

Okay, the whales are amazing!

I really like Sarah's voice but this goofy dancing thing is like a bad Academy Awards performance.

RT @CandySteele: @marni71 oh snap! I thought this was the dance competition. We haven't started YET??//sigh. Apparently not.

Horns and a fiddle #devilwentdowntogeorgia

Oh, the Irish are laughing at this mess.

Nick_theGeek RT @Nick_theGeek: @marni71 batman was in the sky canoe // I would like 2 say that is a phrase I never though I would ever say ... EVER

Nick_theGeek @marni71 yep just when u think, "It can't get any stranger" they up the ante ... I'm gonna have weird dreams 2 night #thatssayinsomthing

RT @Nick_theGeek: Of course Donald Southerland has never narrated one of my dreams.//what a shame.

RT @Nick_theGeek: head banging tap dance??? I think I've seen everything// this just in! Fire in the shoes. NOW u've seen it all :-)

Nick_theGeek RT @marni71: Skiers on fake mountains has redeemed the punk fiddler river dancers // but what bout the weird Peter Pan knock off?

@Nick_theGeek NOTHING is going to redeem peter pan ;p

I wish they'd just light the friggin torch so I can go to bed.

Opera. How am I supposed to stay awake now?

Three minutes. I can do this. The torch bearer better be worth the last half hour.

Mechanical failure eh Canda?

@Nick_theGeek nice jinx there Nick ;-)

Nick_theGeek @marni71 don't ever doubt the power of my mind again. u got snow I didn't and I broke the opening ceremony

Anti climatic. I'm going to bed.


@CandySteele I wish. I've been up for two hours now. This mother thing isn't at all what the brochure said it would be ;-)

@CandySteele God. There is no explanation for my kids still being alive. It's God... ;-)

@buzzbyannies Well...the highlight of the week? $13,000 water damage claim on my kitchen.

@buzzbyannies Yes. But I'm actually okay with this. New cabinets and countertops! Woo hoo. But the mess that will make? AGGGGGHHHHH!

@katdish that's how I feel about Degrassi commercials in general. I hate that show.

katdish @marni71 ugh! My son was watching that show, I started watching it & told him "Oh, hell no!"

@katdish Back in the day, my 15 year old campaigned hard to get to watch it. I shut that bidness down after watching 10 mins of it.

@katdish And I hate the commercials. They air on Nick during iCarly. Gaaa!

@billycoffey How do you live with this junk all winter? Seriously. It's made me pray for you, @makeadiff21 and @nick_thegeek.

redclaydiaries @marni71 You got THIRTEEN inches?! I thought our 7 inches was a lot. Ours is already gone now tho (editors note: I'm posthumously declaring this a TWSS!)

@redclaydiaries Insane, I know. But 7 inches for the ATL area?

RT @stretchmarkmama: Gonna eradicate the backtalk in my house today. And perhaps walk on some water when I'm done.

Watching my life tick away in the Geek Squad line at Best Buy #lunchhourfail

Dear Best Buy in Fort Worth. You suck. Sincerely, former customer, Marni.

@prodigaljohn We need a Wii Ski marriage counselor. The smack talk, the sabotage, the searching Google for cheat codes. Sigh.

At Subway. Listening to 2 young girls complain about not getting enough gov't money because they "only have one kid" each. Sigh. And GAAAAA!

sarahmsalter @marni71 That's what @billycoffey would call "blog fodder."

RT @Nick_theGeek: RT @katdish: I am at the movies. My feet are stuck to the floor. Gross. // ur gonna ave 2 treat it like a jelly fish sting //SNORT!

RT @buzzbyannies: @sarahmsalter asked "what is wrong with Walmart?" I can't give you an answer in 140 characters or less.// yeah, me either

RT @muchl8r: Almost wrecked my car as a giant flew out the truck in front of me. it's not my time ppl, stop trying 2 kill me!/like Goliath?

@katdish you saw (read: suffered through) Tooth Fairy? My condolences.

@jewda4 Yay. Now we're being followed by a Communist Bot.

jewda4 @marni71 I feel pretty special that a communist detecting twitterbot finds me so follow-worthy

Valentine Chocolate:

Half-price Valentines chocolate FTW!!

Nick_theGeek @marni71 wow, u r they discounting the chocolate already? plenty of shopping days left .... right? ... right??

@Nick_theGeek for low maintenance wives like me, yes. We'll gladly take day-after chocolate ;-)

Olympic Skating Costumes:

Amendment: I wish I had a Zamboni and a purple, sparkly skating costume.

redclaydiaries @marni71 I wish I had a Zamboni, a purple, sparkly skating costume, AND glasses I could see thru.

@redclaydiaries atta girl, dream big! My big dream is for my upper arms to stop moving the same time my lower arms do.

redclaydiaries @marni71 Sunday in our church's stadium seating was interesting. I had to walk down 40 steep stairs. Walked by feel

Is it spelled sow cow because that makes me happy for some reason.

RT @redclaydiaries: @marni71 salchow. I don't know why I know that.//she's more than just a pretty face folks.

A little piece of me dies when the skaters wipe out instead of making their landings. And the sparkly sequins distract me from...ooh shiny.

redclaydiaries @marni71 How'd u like the Chinese guy's sheer shirt?

@redclaydiaries I ordered Dane the sheer shirt off of Amazon just now. The men's Bible study group will be seething with jealousy.

@buzzbyannies @redclaydiaries What is the real #wardrobefail each year are the Russians. Bless their hearts.

buzzbyannies @Marni71 I'm always distracted by why the heck a guy would want to dress like that

CandySteele @marni71 @Helenatrandom @redclaydiaries Hey yall, you just keep doing olympic play by play & I won't even have to watch.

@CandySteele @Helenatrandom @redclaydiaries That's why we're here Candy. U don't need no stinkin' NBC.

CandySteele @marni71 I wonder if Bob Costas uses mayo in his hair? It's sure different this year....

@CandySteele with that shine and volume, I vote yes. #Hellmans:it'snotjustforpotatosalad

Sangria? Why yes, thank you, I believe I will.

@sarahmsalter But of course! When can u be here? Also, having a glass makes these men's skating costumes seem less fugly ;-)

redclaydiaries @marni71 DID YOU SEE THE COSTUME WITH THE CORSET?

@redclaydiaries PINK CORSET?! How did I miss that? Was he Russian? They are accomplished skaters in Goodwill fodder, God bless em.

redclaydiaries @marni71 Sorry. But it was a CORSET. With PINK TIES.

@redclaydiaries black satin corset with pink he on his honeymoon?

marni71 RT @redclaydiaries: @marni71 I don't think he's skated yet. He's in the last group: black satin w hot pink corset straps.//setting DVR ;-)

redclaydiaries @marni71 OMG. It's Jonny Weir. Apparently attempting to top his costumes from 2006

@redclaydiaries NO WAY! His look is like the stuff from "Blades of Glory"

redclaydiaries @marni71 To refresh ur memory: Johnny Weir in 2006:

redclaydiaries @marni71 Annnnd Johnny Weir, 2010: If that's not worth a DVRing, I don't know what is.

@redclaydiaries MY EYES, MY EYES! Sweet Moses, you weren't kidding.

@redclaydiaries now the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is performing.

CandySteele @marni71 @redclaydiaries It's SKELETOR!!

@CandySteele @redclaydiaries Great minds Candy! I thought Skeletor too. We're all starting to get scary with our thought patterns.

RT @XIANITY: OLYMPICS: Watching men's skating... not that there's anything wrong with that.// not if you're a woman ;-)

@redclaydiaries It gets better soon after Skeletor and Stay-Puft. Two words: black feathers.

CandySteele @redclaydiaries @marni71 Aannddd...we now have Morticia!

marni71 @katdish @makeadiff21 @Nick_theGeek @sarahmsalter @jewda4 Good morning. Did ya'll see Shaun White last night? I don't think he's human ;-)

@marni71 Good morning! Who's Shaun White?

@sarahmsalter I'm gonna pray for you Sarah. And then ask you to Google him. And then pray some more

Nick_theGeek @sarahmsalter Shaun White is the US snow boarder that looks like Carrot Top

marni71 @makeadiff21 BUT, his coach had an open mic on last night when Shaun won. F bombs everywhere. Bob Costas sounded strokish afterward ;-)


RT @pagan43: You know you're a Redneck when you wonder how gas stations keep their restrooms so clean.//Clean. Gas station. Oxymoron.

RT @sarahmsalter: @redclaydiaries @pagan43 They sell FRESH pork rinds in paper sacks down at our local store. //WTFT???

redclaydiaries @marni71 I pink fuzzy heart WTFT. My new go-to expletive.

RT @redclaydiaries: @sarahmsalter They sell boiled peanuts from a cart outside our local gas station.//bait and handmade crosses

@sarahmsalter No. With "fresh pork rinds" I envision a pig and a vegetable peeler.

@redclaydiaries Yes, boiled peanuts can be bait. Catfish, carp and overweight, hairy men in belly shirts are what u can catch with them.

This and That:

Venti triple mocha latte, you complete me.

@billycoffey Ear candles are popular, but that doesn't make it right. Have you seen it in action? It's like a bad CSI scene...

Why I love Texas: just saw a taxidermist deliver a stuffed fox to my daughter's school.

RT @stretchmarkmama: And since you're asking, "Comp Sci, YOU?" Yes. Part of my degree is in Systems Analysis. You build it, I criticize it.

@stretchmarkmama Snort!! My degree is in English. You write it, I correct it ;-)

RT @stretchmarkmama: @marni71 Not everyone can be gifted with the critical spirit. We are blessed.// Indeed ;-)

Daughter just gave the dogs leftover chili. Gonna be a looong night.

Genesis, Exorcist, Leviathan, Deu--the right thing. Snort!! #Psych

katdish @buzzbyannies That's okay. We can shun @marni71 together.

buzzbyannies @katdish @marni71 I'm sure she's going to apologize profusely any minute now.

katdish @buzzbyannies If @marni71 doesn't, we should put the unfollow hammer down on her.

@katdish Oh zip it. I just didn't see u there due to lack of coffee. Latte is now on board. And....YOU CAIN'T QUIT ME!

I have to go make the loooong walk to the office mail box. Or "daily cardio limit" as I like to call it. BRB.

@Brian_Russell 'Scuse me...uhhh, did you just diss CST (Central Standard Time)? I know you didn't just diss CST.

RT @jewda4: “I wish I treated sin like my body treats puke.” @prodigaljohn // this would make altar call time a little more interesting.

Dear Coldwater Creek. To email me 2 say stretch crop pants are ON SALE for $40 makes me laugh like a hyena. What's full price?

I can't get that dumb "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" song out of my head, so I'm just going to spread the pain around. You're welcome.

@Nick_theGeek I have put my glasses on. I read your tweet as "no, we had sex last night". I was all "uh, TMI Nick!".

I spilld coff on my kyboard. Now th ky is stuck. Can you guss which on ?

RT @Nick_theGeek: @marni71 it appears your computer has the "sherri" virus.//SNORT!!

RT @Nick_theGeek: RT @sarahmsalter: @marni71 Have you tried a moistened qtip to get it unstuck? // #TWSS//hahahahaha~

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Helen said...

Now I must go back in time and watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony...
(Just kidding. I can see in OnDemand.

jasonS said...

Ah, 'twas a virtual wonderland of tweets. You're only missing one very important piece (me). :)

katdish said...

Do you see why I turn off my tweetdeck while I'm writing? I'd never get anything written longer than 140 characters...

Wendy said...

The movie theater floor was sticky? Just what kind of movie theater were you at anyway? Hey, that's not hair gel, is it?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Since I've been rather AOT this week, I can't tell you how much I snorted at this manifesto. Holy Salchow. I must admit, I've enjoyed the Olympics much more with you crazies.

I just don't know how you find the time to get this all cut, pasted, organized and TWSS'ed. It's like the most labor-intensive guest post ever.