Patience, yeaaaaaaah

Day late and a dollar short, that's my motto ;-) Yesterday was Bridget's Blog Carnival on Patience. I'm just now participating.

Patience is not something I have. Like Stephanie, I can be really good at pretending I have it though. God has been working me over in the patience I lack. It's a seriously hard working-over I gotta say. But I get better each time He tests me and for that, I'm so grateful.

Where do I struggle the most? I have some very defined goals and I know God is okay with those goals. But He isn't opening the doors for me to pursue them yet. So I wait. Patiently. Or not. But when I don't wait patiently, He reminds me His timing is perfect.

Ever since I read what Bridget's carnival topic was on, this song won't leave my head. So I'm sharing. You're welcome ;-) Besides, what teen of the 80's doesn't love them some goofy looking Axl Rose shimmying at the mic?

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Anonymous said...

Marni this song wouldn't leave my head either... I'm glad you posted it!

It sounds so much better than my own voice inside my head.

Glynn said...

I've found that it's in the waiting is the real story. Good post. (And I watched the video, even though I wasn't a teen in the 80s.)

katdish said...


Now it's in my head!

Make it stop!

The whistling. Good grief! The whistling!

Make it stop!

Nitewrit said...

Don't worry, friends. Just have a little patience and eventually the song will leave your heads.