As you've read before, we've found a new church home. This church is less than a year old--a plant out of a larger church the next town over. We're doing well. Since the launch in September, we've seen growth up to 275 people. We're (and I'm included) not big on numbers, but being a new church, that is a valid marker of how God is blessing us. We're very excited to say the least.

Dane and I have landed in an amazing Home Group. We all have kids around the same age. We each chip in for a family meal on Sunday evenings when we meet. We eat and fellowship as a family, then the kids go one way while the adults go the other and we dig into Scripture together.

Last night, Mike, our HG leader, said something that's really stuck with me. He said, "You are trophies". I know Mike (and my husband as well) to be big fans of hunting. Trophies, in the hunting world, are the creatures that hunters are seeking to take down. And when they do, they stuff them and mount them as a proud reminder of their accomplishment in bagging the elusive creature.

Trophies are wise. Trophies surround themselves with other trophies. They've learned from the years of near misses and they know what to do to protect themselves. They don't expose themselves to the dangerous open fields. They're cautious and they show the others how to be cautious too. But sometimes, when they aren't on their guard, trophies make mistakes. And the next thing you know, they are mounted on a wall as a prize for the hunter.

We're a new and growing church. That has to be frustrating satan (check out that middle finger of grammar). And we know the Bible calls him a hunter, always on the prowl. Mike warned, but encouraged us, to be on our guard as God continues to bless us and as we continue to reach people for God. He encourages us to hold each other accountable, to pray for our children, our marriages, our church, our pastor and each other. Having lived through a church split where satan took down some trophies, I'm resolved to not watch that happen again.

You are a trophy. If you aren't already aware of it, now you know. Surround yourself with other trophies, stay out of the clearings, flee from exposure to dangerous things. Don't end up on satan's mantle as a reminder of how he gleefully took you down.

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Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

"Don't end up on satan's mantle as a reminder of how he gleefully took you down."

Very well said. I'm so glad you found a new church home!

katdish said...

Yep. I think satan has a special hatred for church planters.

Up yours, satan!

Annie K said...

That is so true that satan wants to take down the church and he'll do it any way he can.

(And Killian would so love to bag a trophy like that.)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

You've bagged yourself a fine new church, Marni. It sounds awesome. You just never told me you were a trophy wife!

~*Michelle*~ said...

What a happy for you guys!

bman said...

It's funny that, although I'm not a hunter (seriously... almost to the point of being a weenie about killing an animal that's not trying to kill me), this was a really good example and EVEN I can understand it.

Great visual and good post, Marni! Happy that you found a church that fits. That's importante.