I'm participating in Bridget's Blog Carnival again. The topic is Love.

I meant to participate in the "Church" carnival blog. That whole good intentions thing is me in a nutshell. You've been warned. Anyhoo, since I missed that, I'm combining. I love lots and lots of things. But today, I'm talking about my love for my new church. It's awesome. It's an answer to prayer. It's home. To say we are happy, thriving, encouraged and challenged is an understatement.

We survived (barely) a church split almost 5 years ago. We've floundered since. But in September, God moved and led us to where we are. We've landed in a remarkable Home Group as well. I can't wait to see how God uses us to serve Him through this new church home. Those of you who helped pray us to Stonegate (and you know who you are), thank you so much for your intervening.



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katdish said...

So excited for you. As you know, my church is AWESOME, and I'm so glad you have found a church home where you truly feel part of the Body of Christ.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Anything you refer to as "an answer to prayer" and "home" - yeah, that's love. I can't wait to see how I come out of the split we're currently in - I know God has some big plans and has put some big responsibilities on us.

And Stonegate sounds so romantic, as in "I love Jesus..." Just sayin'.

So glad this worked out for you, Marni.

Anonymous said...

Church splits/moves are so difficult! I'm very happy to hear you are 'loving' your new church home/family.

Thanks for this, Marni.

Glynn said...

Church splits - divisions - breakways are always painful, and so many are left floundering. (I'm speaking from experience here, like most of us have.) To have a church you love is to have something to truly cherish.

Annie K said...

When describing one's church, the word home should always be included.

Glad you're home Marni!

Anonymous said...

i belong to the body, the church. i see it in many places. i don't belong to any denomination. right now i do not attend a scheduled service of any kind.

i am glad that you are a part of a group of people where God has led you and that you Love it.