Things I Don't Support

I stole this from Brian Allain and Jason Boyett. For the record, I do support stealing from other blogs...when they tell you it's okay ;-)

Things I Don't Support:

Sagging pants that show your boxers. Seriously. You look dumb.


Wal Mart. But it's a love/hate thing since I don't live near a good Target

Slow internet access

Bad driving

Pickled beets

Skanky spambots on Twitter

Elementary school car lines

Thong underwear

People who don't speak sarcasm

The US Postal Service

Reality show "stars"

Perez Hilton

This season of House

Last season of Biggest Loser

FASFA forms

Out of Pocket insurance costs. Because our $800 a month premiums aren't enough? Losers.

Diet Dr Pepper



Sprint Mobile

Okay, so what are yours?

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Wendy said...

Don't sugar-coat it Marnie, how do you really feel?

Helen said...

Skanky, I love to complain about those! Someday I will actually have to DM them with the diseased loins verse in the book of Psalms...

katdish said...

What's wrong with thong underwear? Oh...on a guy? No.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

WHO invented thong underwear? It's not like a bunch of women were sitting around saying,

"You know what would make our undies more comfortable? A string between our buttcheeks!"

Totally a guy's fault.

I agree with you on just about everything. Except I don't know what a FAFSA form is. And I've never eaten pickled beets. They might be delectable.

Marni said...

Steph, when your kids start college, you'll be VERY familiar with FAFSA. And you call me girl, because you are gonna need to moral support to not lost your Christianity during the "FAFSA phase". I'm just sayin...