Aren't you all beautiful?

My Twitter friends...beautiful inside and out...

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And speaking of my Tweeps, here is my posting for the week for my Smarty-Pantser buddies. Enjoy!

katdish@marni71 - Well since you mentioned me twice in one tweet, I will be nice to you.

@Helenatrandom I'm being followed by Poo. And not "Winnie the " either...

br8kthru@marni71 whatever you do, don't sit on the toilet when it explodes. Just a warning... I'm looking out for you

katdish@marni71 Ugh! Why do people have to ruin all my fun?

br8kthru@marni71 Yeah, ignoring @katdish would be like ignoring a spreading rash -it's to your own detriment

billycoffey@katdish @marni71 @PeterPollock Is it too late to add a picture of @katdish laughing maniacally to my Things That Scare Me post?

@marni71: @PeterPollock @br8kthru @billycoffey @katdish If Jason does make that picture, send me the link so I'll know NOT to go there.

br8kthru@marni71 most people don't know that clorox makes a superb dipping sauce- tangy!

redclaydiaries@marni71 That's exactly what MY kids' school smells like! And sweaty kids. Can't forget the sweaty kids.

br8kthru@marni71 You haven't lived until you've tried my scrubbing bubbles souffle.

br8kthru@marni71 Can't go wrong with spray cheese on your finger. Highbrow & delicious.

@Helenatrandom I had peanut butter on a spoon for dinner last night. I got the recipe from @weightwhat

sarahmsalter@marni71 Got a little road rage today, Marni?

PuriChristos@marni71 mmmm pork

CandySteele@marni71 hey Marni - have a great day! I'm off now - saving lives and stamping out disease....

@CandySteele Yay for Nurse Candy! Wait a minute...that sounds...naughty. ;-)

@marni71 September is childhood cancer awareness month.

BridgetChumbley@marni71 Isn't it swell to bond over the H1N1 germs and sounds of screaming and puking? LOL Thanks, Marni.

jdblundell@marni71 dilute gives me a picture of Jesus saying what you think matters not just how you act.

RT @br8kthru: @sarahmsalter spreading the wealth? socialist.///hahahahahaha!

weightwhat@marni71 Hi Marni! Want to dance with @HerbieGookins and me?

br8kthru@marni71 nice how I worked in Falkor though right? right?

@br8kthru At any rate, thanks for the stupid song in my head.

sarahmsalter@marni71 Girl look at u gettin' all free up in here! When I was growin' up the Baptists in our 'hood didn't raise hands except in school.

@Helenatrandom No, no, no. We're against anything that's fun. Get it right Helen.

sarahmsalter@marni71 So, fornication is okay as long as it isn't fun?

billycoffey@marni71 Actually, the Rangers are my second favorite team. We're still tight, Marni.

@billycoffey Whew! I'm glad. I don't want to see us go the way of you and @katdish or me and @br8kthru ;-)

billycoffey@marni71 I agree. I can only fight with one Texan at a time.

@Helenatrandom I read your tweet wrong. I thought you said you were flashing people ;-)

@marni71: Feeling led to #bethechurch in a powerful and creative way? Here's something you could do.

@br8kthru @sarahmsalter Sensitive schmensitive. I want a man who can open up a can of whoop-a if he has too...not write a poem about it.

@sarahmsalter I found my balance :-) He's a hunk of man who can bench press a Volkswagen, but still slow dances w/ me in the kitchen

Found all of my old Prince CD's. I shall now quote his song lyrics all day. JK! @weightwhat would stop being my friend if I did that.

@billycoffey Awww Billy. Nothing Compares 2 U.

@macpowell Flash Forward was so good! Ole Miss/SC game? Not so much ;)

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Wendy said...

But then what do you do with it?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Hey, I see Ron Burgundy there! Woot!

Wendy said...

Okay, that's odd... When I checked it before, only the pictures were up. Did you add the text later? Are you trying to confuse me?!

Helen said...

Those (non) exploding toilets are everywhere...

I'm glad you twitter ho downed this week.

Marni said...

Wendy, as much as I enjoy making you feel as if you're crazy, in this instance, you are not. I did, in fact, publish the collage and then add in the twitter ho down.