Twitter time...again!

STILL miss Helen!

Okay Wendy, I'm participating again this week. I think I deserve a t-shirt...or Chick Fil A gift certificates, for my efforts. I'm just sayin...

Beth, Billy and Peter, I know you all sent kids to school this week. I've not forgotten that and you and your little ones have been in my prayers this week. Sherri, I hope it goes without saying you and Big Al have been in my prayers too. You call or email me if you need prayer. I'm here...

And Steph...True are His promises. I'm praying for you.

So here' my week in Twitter. Make sense of it if you can ;-)

@weightwhat Sniff...tear. I'm all pfklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic ...cream cheese is neither cream nor cheese

marni71RT @br8kthru: @marni71 you gotta wonder if things taste different when you do that//TWSS

br8kthru@marni71 some people are just indescribably weird. I mean we're weird but that's a whole different brand right there...

marni71@PuriChristos my mac and cheese is based on a Tyler Florence recipe, but I've Marni-ed it up, so I know what u mean

PeterPollock@br8kthru One of @marni71's tweet sounds a bit disturbing? NEVER!

br8kthru@katdish @marni71 I'm not sure Jesus and butt-fat belong in the same tweet... :)

katdish@marni71 We should market our butt fat to skinny lipped celebrities.
about 2 hours ago

katdish@marni71 I figured people would be googling your lips. Who did them anyway?

weightwhat@marni71 I'm with you. Some people just NEED a good wedgie.

PeterPollock@marni71 I think I might have to explain the art of sarcasm to you....

marni71@PeterPollock No you don't. @katdish has been tutoring me. I'm at grade level. Tomorrow I have midterms and I'm a little nervous


marni71@weightwhat Yes, THIS time it wasn't you...

marni71RT @katdish: RT @br8kthru: @katdish besides if anyone knows disturbing, it's me.//Yeah, you're all up in disturbing...

marni71@br8kthru We're quirky, enigmatic. Butt fat lady was weird, yes. And no filter to determine when and where you ask personal questions.

marni71@br8kthru Yeah. Another lady assumed (ha!!) that it wasn't collegen, but my own butt fat. Nice. People do that. Ewwww

marni71@br8kthru "Makes no sense", "disturbing"...four words that describe mine and @katdish relationship to a T

marni71@weightwhat You don't like guac? You need to pray about that...

marni71@BartMillard I give my youngest time increments she can relate to..."we'll be there in 3 Spongebob shows" ;-)

marni71Daughter's college STILL won't let me pay tuition through website. Seriously, I'm about to keep the money and buy a boat with it.

marni71@prodigaljohn What @PuriChristos said. I caught my hubs trying 2 buy cutoffs at a garage sale once. We immediately went into counseling

marni71@PeterPollock i don't bother putting chocolate chips in muffins. Just eat them straight from the bag. Saves time.

marni71@weightwhat I'd be a grump too! Want me to give Home Depot a wedgie?

marni71@PuriChristos quit comparing my chopped off hair to toilets. Should I read something into that? Something about my hair and...crap maybe?

marni71@weightwhat It is SO short and curls toward my face. I look like a flapper. Not flipper, a flapper.

marni71@JeanneDamoff @katdish Are we talking haircuts? Well we are now. Went in for one yesterday. She cut waaaaay too much off.

weightwhat@marni71 I'm with you. Some people just NEED a good wedgie

marni71@weightwhat I'm not opposed to wedgies or swirlies either. Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do...

marni71: I'm pressuring my sister to start Twittering. By pressure, I'm going old school and pulling her hair and taking her Barbies.

marni71Ewww. The Twitter skanks are out in full force this morning. Scuse me while I go do some blocking...

marni71@PeterPollock mine goes to college on Saturday. Let's pray for each other this week.

weightwhat@marni71 Okay, when I first glanced at your tweet I thought you were asking for the recipe for dog yack. Um, eww

marni71@redclaydiaries how nice for cat yacked in front of guests during dinner on Sat. nite. Fun times.

marni71@CandySteele no meat is fine for me. Leaves more room for extra cheeses. Holla!

marni71@PuriChristos thank u for the tissue alert! That was good stuff...


marni71@PuriChristos everyone has this recipe but me? Nice..

marni71@katdish why you gotta go now? There isn't anything good on TV. Now what am I supposed to do???

marni71@PeterPollock Okay, here's my latest blog. Pics of my kids. Summer is over. School starts Monday. Exciting stuff eh?

marni71@godhasablog I'm fighting with a snot-nosed Scottish college student...

marni71@br8kthru I never get that on commercials. My hubs said if that ever happens to him, he isn't calling doctors, he's bragging to buddies

br8kthru@marni71 I & a group of guys (all pastors) were joking abt this once. 1 wasn't laughing- he's a Dr who said after 4 hrs it's excruciating-

marni71@br8kthru For husbands maybe...;-)

katdishRT @marni71: @katdish @weightwhat @HerbieGookins @ redclaydiaries. Sherri just emailed us. She said Big Al is bored stiff. TWSS.

kelli1227@marni71 You are NOT going to believe this..someone just said "son of a monkey butt" in my meeting! Am I the only one who doesn't know this?

marni71RT @Brian_Russell: Dear software, if ever it's just me and you in a dark alley... I'll shank you so fast... sheesh...

marni71RT @dahallam: sitting on hold with the fabric department at Hobby Lobby listening to "Shout to the Lord" in the style of Kenny G

marni71@billycoffey I have to make a phone call...that's my euphamism for #runningawayfromthewrathof@katdish

marni71@weightwhat @billycoffey I suspect she is omnipresent. Her powers confound me. Quick, let's make a food offering to appease her...

marni71@PeterPollock Did you eat the chocolate chips out of the bag as you made them? And how did they turn out? Did you save me one?

billycoffey@marni71 Oh, come on! We're BLOOD, Marni!

marni71@billycoffey Doe's before bro's my friend. You understand, right?

marni71@PeterPollock I've been thinking about you since I got up. Praying today is a great and peaceful day for all of you.

marni71@tsholo_m It's okay...just send me some coffee and we'll put this whole thing behind us...

marni71@redclaydiaries I got a REALLY bad haircut 2 days ago. This morning, I woke up looking like a wet, ticked off, chicken. I spent so much..

katdish@marni71 Well dang. Now I'm hungry, and I don't have any bananas or nuts....

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sherri said...

You're messed up.

Wendy said...

Sherri's just totally jealous. Don't listen to her. Hooray for your post!