I miss my hair...and less shallow things

So I've been whining about my bad haircut on Twitter. Today I'm extra meloncholy about missing it because I found this picture from two years ago. I'm the second one on the right. Awwww, long flowing locks, how I miss you. You'll come back to me, I know you will, but until then, I'll pine (and whine).

My youngest is the cutie patootie in the center with a blanket wrapped around her. This was taken at a Make A Wish golf tournament we help out at each year. So this picture isn't just about my hair ;-) This is a lead in to tell you about what I'll be doing on my blog next month.

September is Childhood cancer (sorry, cancer never gets capitalized if I can help it) Awareness Month. Each day next month, I'll be featuring a child we met (and sometimes lost) on Peyton's journey through cancer. And each time I feature one of these brave kiddos, I'm going to tell you what you can do to help fund childhood cancer research.

Tell your friends. I hope you'll visit here daily once September hits. You will be amazed at the bravery and faith of these young warriors.

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Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

This sounds like a great series you'll be doing! I can't wait to read it.

Wendy said...

Was it that long when you got it cut? And if so, did you donate it? My kiddo is getting her hair cut tomorrow to donate. She's a bit more excited about short hair than you are though...

Helen said...

I had my hair cut to donate in May. I love my hair long, but in May I get depressed because a very dear (she was dear to me before she got sick, honest) former student of mine died of cancer three years ago in May. That year, I donated my hair for the first time. It seemed like such an appropriate way to express my sorrow....It seemed so useful in a situation where I felt useless.
It was long enough again for donating this year, so when I was feeling down thinking of Elizabeth, I went and got it cut. Doing SOMETHING helped, even though it doesn't bring her back.
Sorry for getting morose.
Funny thing, even though I always liked my hair long, I seem to look darn cute with short hair. Who knew?

sherri said...

Funny you would mention your hair because I look at your hair on your profile pic and think "That's about the best hair I've ever seen!" I love your style!

I think this will be a wonderful series you're going to do. I read about many of them on your caringbridge site, and ALL my heart strings were touched.
You need to put up a WARNING! BRING KLEENEX to this site before reading further!

It will also be a great reminder to pray for the families of those who have gone on, or who are still battling.

Marni said...

They won't take my hair. It's colored. Sigh. I didn't cut it all off in one swoop. I took it to shoulder length and then when I went to have just an inch or two more off recently, the girl (not my usual one, so it's my fault) hacked it! ;-)

Wendy, I'm so proud of your daughter. How cool is she??? And you too Helen. You girls rawk!!

PS: Hootie and the Blowfish. hahahahahaha!

Marni said...

Thanks Sherri :-) I liked that style too. I hope to have it back once I'm done with this "pyscho chicken" look I'm sporting right now! ;-)

A tissue warning is a great idea. I'll do that.

katdish said...

Kewl. Well, not about your hair, but about next month. I'm looking forward to it.

Also? Tony Orlando and Dawn