If you're so inclined

I stole this from Helen....ahhh, confession is good for the soul...

1. Folgers or Starbucks? Yes. But the people at our local Starbucks will run you down with their cars in the early morning rush so I don't stop there very often for safety reasons ;-)
2. Cardinals or Cubs? Ummm. Neither?
3. Morning person or night owl? big time night owl. Always have been.
4. Name brand or generic? That depends. Sometimes it is worth it to save a few pennies, sometimes it isn't.
5. Dylan or Rolling Stones? I like Bob Dylan's lyrics, but his voice gives me a brain freeze. The Rolling Stones are great for laughs now that they are in their 80's and still act like they're rock stars.
6. Mountains or Ocean? Ocean
7. Talker or Listener? Yes!
8. Math or Literature? Literature
9. Books or Movies? BOOKS!!!!
10. Meat and Potatoes or Casseroles? Meat. Meat! MEAT!
11. Summer or Winter? Yes, those are the two seasons in Texas. Winter is iffy.
12. Coffee or Tea? coffee
13. Cats or dogs? Love them both.
14. Rock or Country? I like both, but if I must choose, it is country.
15. Pepsi or Coke? Dr Pepper. The Dublin kind made with sugar, not syrup.
16. Beef or Chicken? Either's fine.
17. Leader or follower? That depends. If no one else will take charge, I will. But I prefer to be an assistant rather than the chief.
18. Pink or Red? Red
19. Stilettos or sneakers? Sneakers. But I own some fabulous stilletos!!
20. Homebody or socializer? I used to be more social. Now I'm more homebody. Go figure...
21. Short or tall? I'm still taller than my 8 year old and that's all that matters to me. My 18 year old, however, has outgrown me...
What about you? Any questions? At least one of you thinks that would make fascinating reading. I know. I checked the poll.

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Helen said...

I stole it from Sherri. I think katdish calls it the Circle of Life....
You get your Dr. Pepper all the way from Ireland? Fancy schmancy!
How much do you import at one time? A case? How many in a case?