25 Things I Hate About Facebook

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Nick the Geek said...

Yeah facebook is exactly like youth group. Seriously you could totally do this video and change "facebook" to youth group for at least 15 of those items.

Amy W said...

Our worship pastor posted this video on his blog. I think it applies more to guys on FB. I can understand how & why the social interactions were created more for the gals.

katdish said...

You know what I hate about Facebook? Yoville invitations. Seriously, I'm sure it's tons-o-fun running around in some kind of Webkins land for grown ups, but not really my cup a tea. I'm down with flair and messages. I'll do the occasional survey, but no-can-do on most of the other stuff. Especially the snowball fights during Christmas. Is there a button I can push that says, "As a matter of fact, I AM ignoring you."?

Marni said...

I don't get many Yovilles. I get massive amounts of Willy's Sweet Shops and Lil Green Patches. If they come up with that "ignoring" button, Kat, I'll be all over it ;)

K Storm said...

This is so funny! I stumbled on your blog after a few clicks and really like it. Have a good day!