Where Did You Meet Christ This Week?

The House for all Sinners and Saints blog writes about responses their small group gave to the question, “Where did you meet Christ this week?”

in friends who love us better than we know how to love ourselves
in a baby, thought to have been miscarried…still in there!
in a funeral
in the flour dust of baking with my mom
in the ridiculousness of my own consumption
in the beggar near my house
in coworkers
in my partner’s painful home-stay
in the mountains
in my room
in an unexpected conversation about faith with a new friend
in a love letter
in a shared meal
in perceived regression
in receiving a home-made gift from a 5 year old first thing in the morning
in 2 old neighbors I had never met
in sickness that has forced me to rest
in the chaos of packing a house
in tears
in a co-worker disenchanted with the church
in 10,000 turkeys donated
in children laughing and playing in church
in a young black youth struggling to be a father
this morning in a man on the street with a bleeding forehead, he said he recognized me; i gave him some money and he called me “brother”
in a young mother in transitional housing trying to stay clean and sober
in the softness of the falling snow
in that old lady’s laugh
in kneading dough
in an inebriated man with grandfatherly advise
in a cat sleeping on my lap
in quiet time alone
in Jesse Sims on Colfax
in Koreans in a Chinese restaurant
in quiet time alone
in my buddy Jason
in someone noticing I had not been at church and praying for me. It was not someone I expected to do this.
In conflict
in doubt & hope
in a hug from a security guard; a response to a simple gesture
in ‘coincidence’ of a reunion
in a conversation at the Thanksgiving table
in carrying a couch
at Quiznos
in the face of the dying
in myself
in long dialogues with a friend
in the simple presence of others during a tough worship service
in a phone conversation with an old, wise friend
in grace, when I did not expect it
in my sister’s pain
in learning from others
in dinner with housemates
in my babe
in a cop
in silence
in a random drunk girl
in a friend who has walked away from his faith but still is graceful in giving
in my church and its generosity
in my mother

And here's mine...

Last week reading a friends blog
During a family hug last week
On the couch with my mom the day after Christmas
Last night as I looked at the stars
This morning in my car and hearing a song I love
Right now as I type this

Where did you meet Christ this week?

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Marni - I jumped to your blog from SCL. I've seen you around there from time to time. I really enjoyed this post - quietly thoughtful. Keep up the good work.

katdish said...

1) Your blog is beautiful!
2) Love this post.
3) I've seen you on SCL a bunch and I don't know why I haven't clicked over here before now.
4) Your comments on SCL are often thoughtful and you crack me up.
5) What did you think about "Under the Overpass"? It looks like a really good, convicting read.