Playing Catch Up!

August and September were crazy busy months for us! Rather than backtracking and telling you all our goings on, here is a photo montage :-)

For some reason, Dane wanted to remember his days in the neck brace, so he took this pic of himself. My poor hubby has been in this contraption since August 19th. He gets out of it on October 6th.

Heath and Deborah at our family weekend at the lake
Peyton and her first fish of the weekend
Angel and Valerie hanging out on the dock
Jaris and Spencer
Spencer and Peyton chillin in the hammock

Peyton and her second fish of the weekend
Our AWESOME friend Brittany drove out to the lake to handle a hair emergency for Lindsay ;)

Danny's graduation from DBU!
Jenna's graduation from DBU!
Eric, Derek and Lindsay at Danny's graduation party

This is random, but I just love my funny cats!

This showed up after a really rough day I had and after a heart to heart about it with God

Girls Night Out-In case you're wondering, you can put 10 ladies in a Suburban

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