All Better :)

Dane had surgery last week. He had to have 2 steel plates put in his neck to correct 3 ruptured discs. He also had a nasty case of stenosis the surgeon had to correct as well.

It's amazing how docs can "treat and street" patients these days. Dane had major neck surgery on Tuesday afternoon and was deemed well enough to go home by lunchtime the next day.

He continues to heal more each day. He's in this enormous, very uncomfortable neck brace (I'd post a picture but he'd hunt me down and have some choice words) and he'll be in the brace and off work for at least another 4 weeks. The good news is he can already tell the procedure was successful. Poor Dane lived in daily and in increasing pain for 3 months before he qualified for surgery and now we're both so glad it's over.

Would you please pray for his continued healing and for this to be the last of the pain he'll have to deal with?

And while you're on your knees, ask God for my patience. Since Dane can't do much right now, I decided to tackle the lawn work that needed to be done. I tried to use the weed-eater yesterday and found myself wishing hateful things on it (the weed eater, not Dane). You know you're in need of prayer when you are cussing out a lawn tool (and on a Sunday too, Lord forgive me)

Have a great week!

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