Birds! Birds!

We have a sudden infestation of barn swallows surrounding our house. I don't know where they came from, but they seem to be everywhere this year!

What's neat about barnswallows is the mommy AND daddy bird both tend to the nest and the babies, so it's been fascinating to watch. So a barnswallow couple moved in around March and a few weeks back and all was well and good until...the babies hatched.

These are the babies :) Now try to imagine mom and dad bird stuffed into the little nest as well. It's quite a site to see!

Once the babies hatched, mommy and daddy bird lost their ever-lovin minds! They took to attacking us if we opened the door (thank goodness we have a glass storm door and they couldn't get in, but they could see us) and attacking our poor friends and family as they came to our door. You should have seen them on prom day when so many of our friends and family were over. I thought the birds were going to peck us all to death ;) They chased my sister all the way to her car on the street!!

And as an extra fun bonus, you should see the poopy mess 5 birds can make on my porch in a day's time.

Other than that, we've enjoyed having a close up view of nature. Especially our cat Sushi. She lays in front of the storm door for hours making these crazy little noises at the birds :)

Hope you all are doing well. Until next time...

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Stephanie said...

I am not coming over again until they are know me and birds, fine from a distance but not a fan otherwise. There is a random third bird too that kept swooping at my head...maybe just an obnoxious overly protective aunt?!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, we too had a couple of swallows, but Kurt continued to hose down the nest before babies came until after about 12 times, they decided not to come back, this year. HOWEVER, swallows are very persistant and they will be back yearly for the rest of their lives. I even read that if there had been a tree in that location at one point and it got torn dow, but they used to build their nests there, they would find a new spot in the same place to rebuild! I totally understand the doodoo, which is why we decided we did not need the nature lesson (that and the divebombing of the three year old)