Take It Back Ya'll, Part I

Okay, as you know, I've been whining for months now because I lost my cord to the camera that lets me download my pics from the camera. And since I'm so forgetful, I almost NEVER remember to get my pictures transfered to a CD so I can upload them. Today, I did!!! So...I'm taking it back to August with our fun Labor Day weekend with our cousins and friends and working my way up from there. And ignore the dates on the pictures...they're off since I keep forgetting to change the settings on my camera ;) Enjoy!

Happy 18th Colton!!!

Getting ready to take the kids tubing!

Go Peyton!!

This one needs a little explaining :) The boat was pulling up to the dock to drop off the kids and pick up the teenagers to take them out skiing. Dane cousin Greg was throwing Dane the rope to tie the boat off and Dane missed the rope. He reached a little too far out, and into the lake he went!! I had the camera in my hand, but missed the actual falling in shot ;)

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