Clean Closets, Christian Women's Job Corps and Grammy's generosity

You can tell school is starting soon because I am on a cleaning spree :) I've pestered Lindsay (my spiritual gift) until she cleaned her closet out and this past week, I got mine and Dane's done. Now I gotta tackle Peyton's. I've put it off until dead last for a great's horrific! The child has more toys than should be allowed. Alot of them stem from her days in chemo and lots of wonderful and loving people bought her things to make her feel better. The rest of it stems from the fact that Peyton loves things grandparents tend to buy in bulk...Barbies, Polly Pockets, Hannah Montana paraphanelia and baby doll odds and ends. Pray for my safety as I tackle that closet this weekend :) When you open the door to Peyton's closet (which as Lindsay is very quick to point out, is the BIGGEST one in the house) all you see is stuff. No open space whatsoever!

The big reason I'm cleaning out Peyton's closet is my mom (Grammy) went on a crazy and loving shopping spree for Peyton's school clothes. She always buys the girls clothes each year but this year, she went over the top! I guess it's because she took Lindsay to Europe and wanted to make sure she did something big for Peyton.

All I can say is Justice for Girls loves my mom now! She bought Peyton THE cutest clothes the child has ever, ever, ever had. Those of you with girls, I highly recommend you check this store out. They are reasonably priced and not the streetwalker fare you might find at other stores once your little girl outgrows the toddler clothes ;) Thank you mom, for wardrobing Pey Pey in such beautiful clothes. She'll feel so great about herself as she starts a grade that has her nervous (stupid TAKS) and Dane and I are immensely grateful for the money you saved us by taking this on. I love you lots!!!

Next week is my last week to teach at the Christian Women's Job Corps in Ellis County. I've been teaching computers two nights a week since June. The program is for women who are in need of job training to help them break the cycle of poverty. More importantly, it's a wonderful ministry that uses women to minister to other women and show them God will love you where you're at. You don't have to "have it all together". I've thoroughly loved the last 10 weeks and I'll be doing more with the Job Corps as the next semester begins next month. The ladies who will be graduating from the program next week have come so far. They all will have their GED's soon, all will have such great skills that will land them good jobs, and in the course of the time they've spent with CWJC, they've come to know Christ! It's been so humbling and exciting to watch.

Weight Watchers has temporarily stalled out. I haven't given up on it at all, but I lost 12 pounds and then hit a brick wall. I can't stand diet plateaus. It's forced me to start exercising more to get past the hump, so I'm trying to be patient until the weight starts coming off again. As always, thanks for your encouragement. One article I read said if I would do 500 crunches and run a couple of miles each day (HAHAHAHA!!!!!) then I'd lose a few pants sizes in a month. I know I'd lose a few pants sizes in a month when I'm laid up in a hospital on IV nutrition only from passing out on the street from trying to run...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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