Odds and Ends

Okay, so I think we have the passport drama under control, but we still don't have the passport. We are t-minus 6 days until Lindsay leaves, but I won't cave to the panic (God and I have been working SO hard on patience and calm). If what we did Friday to appease the passport morons in Houston worked, Lindsay should have it by today or tomorrow. We'll see (note the cheery, positive sound of my voice!)

We are finally about to be out of school. I know, those of you who've been out a week or so now can't believe we're still in, but yes we are. Lindsay gets out tomorrow and Peyton is done by Thursday. Lindsay racked up some serious TAKS scores this year so she's exempt from her finals (get it girl!) so tomorrow she's kicking back for a few classes she has to attend and then she's heading out for a sleepover with her friends Brianna and Hollie. This is no ordinary sleepover though...this one is just the girls...with no parents around. And let me tell you, they feel SO grownup! Before you think I've lost my mind, Brianna and Hollie are my pastor's daughters and the two sweetest souls on this earth. They and Lindsay are quite trustworthy, so all the parents involved have agreed to this arrangement. The grandparents live a few streets away and may make a suprise inspection ;) but the girls are excited we are showing them the trust to hang out unsupervised.

Peyton should be done with softball, but we keep getting rained out. Now the makeup games are getting rained out! She might play tonight but the fields are still pretty wet, so we'll see! She's also very excited about her birthday next month and going to camp shortly after that.

I've been keeping busy with some new things. I started Weight Watchers. It rocks! I'm doing the online version because you can just pop in what you eat on the website and it tracks your points for you so you don't blow it :) It's so simple and after one week, I've already lost 4 pounds! Dane and the girls by default have been doing it with me since I'm doing all the meal preps. Dane has lost 8 pounds. I want to smack him, but instead I've opted to compete with him. Now we're seeing who can hit their goal weight first. The way I figure it, it's win/win. We've decided we want to go back to our college weights--Not coincidentally, that's when we were both hotties and started dating ;)--but that was a looooong time ago, so we'll see if we can eat and exercise ourselves back to those bodies again.

I'm also starting to teach computer classes for Ellis County Christian Women's Job Corps. It's such a great program. It's a year round program in 3 month sessions that helps low-income women acquire skills to help them get good jobs. The program will also help them get their GED, teach them parenting skills, home ec skills and matches them with a mentor to support and cheer them on throughout the entire process. Their motto is "It's a hand up, not a hand out". It's a useful program to help women, but most importantly, it's a ministry. The 18 months this program has existed in Ellis County, dozens of women have come to know Christ! I'm super excited about helping out and watching God change the lives of these sweet women.

That's it for now. I gotta go make some brochures for an upcoming retreat. Have a great week!

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