Grills, thrills and growing gills

Happy Father's Day to you dad's out there. Dane was a little sad on Father's Day because Lindsay wasn't home to celebrate with us, but she did call him from Spain to tell him she loved and missed him, so that was a great gift for him.

Dane got a new gas grill for Father's Day. It's got all the bells and whistles and he can't wait to use it...but it keeps raining and he hasn't been able to yet. I think all this unseasonable rain we're getting is God's way of promoting the new movie "Evan Almighty" but that's just a guess! ;) I can't wait to see that one. I laughed all the way through "Bruce Almighty" so I hope this one is as funny.

Sunday was an interesting day. We went to our old church for Sunday service. One of our kids from our previous college and youth ministry is leaving after having served as interim Music Minister and they were having a farewell ceremony for him. It was great to see old friends and see how big the kids there are getting. I was slightly dreading the day, but God is good and there was not one moment of awkwardness or any other negative emotion :)

I've been teaching computers a few nights a week at our counties Christian Women's Job Corps. There are 8 ladies attending classes and it's so wonderful to see how they are growing and learning. It's such a great ministry and I'm awed to see how God moves within it.

Youth camp is coming next month! We are really getting pumped. Dane and I didn't get to go to Youth camp last summer and we really missed it. This year, the encounter youth group (Momentum) is going to Camp Copas in Denton. It has great facilities and the musical group coming is Grits...WOO HOO! You ain't heard good rap until you've heard Grits. The kids are all excited and I can't wait to spend the week with them and getting to know a few of them better. I love that God lets me work with teens. It's my favorite of ways to serve Him.

Okie dokie, I'm off to work on the website I'm trying to build. Have a great week :)

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