Jonathan has a similar list on his blog, so I shamelessy stole it and tailored it to my year ;)

Here’s a look at 2006 by the numbers.
States visited: 0--Wow, that's sad. I didn't travel in 2006
Foreign countries visited: 0--ask me this again at the end of this year and I'll have a better answer!
Gubernatorial candidates met: 1
Famous people met: define famous...By my standards of famous, I'll say I've met 4...
New churches joined: 1
Times I’ve said I love my new church: more times than I can count!
New cars purchased: 1...and giving the Howard family Courtney's Mustang was pretty awesome too!!
Months left on my mortgage: 240 (big sigh!!)
Softball teams I’ve played on (at least one game): 1
Books read: Around 25
Hard drives fried on my laptop: 1
Number of times I complained how an idiot formatted my HD and erased priceless pictures: somewhere in the millions
Number of months it took God to replace said pictures after others said there was no hope: 11 :)
Hits on Peyton and Courtney's Caringbridge page: 35,000 give or take
Friends on MySpace: 93
Current total number of posts to my personal blog: this one has 3. The other ones combined to make about 25.
Recorded visits to my personal blog: 1288
Blogs currently subscribed to: 42
Days I've been married: 5,864 woohoo!! :)
Lifelong memories made with friends and family: countless
Number of times God has seen me through THE MOST painful year of my life: zajillions and counting...Isn't He just awesome?!?

Here’s to 2007 and seeing all the changes that it brings with it. May God bless you this year and may His face shine upon you.

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